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New recipe book teaches secrets of Seychelles’ Creole seafood


A new recipe book by a Seychellois author teaches readers how to cook fish and seafood in the Seychelles’ Creole cuisine style. The book entitled ‘Fish & Seafood recipes of the Seychelles Islands’ is written by Flavien Joubert and has been published by a UK-based company, Rila Publications. It was launched last Tuesday in a ceremony at Eden Bleu. According ...

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Art exhibition Curieuse through the eyes of artists


Local artists are raising awareness on Curieuse island and its marine national park through a collection of over 60 artwork that are displayed in an exhibition at the Eden Space art gallery. ProArt, in collaboration with Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA), is coordinating this exhibition which started in May as part of an activity organised by SNPA to commemorate World ...

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Natural History Museum rewards loyal students


During the year the Natural History Museum (NHM) organised different kinds of activities for primary pupils to enhance their knowledge about preserving our cultural heritage and protecting our biodiversity. To honour the 21 students who took part in the activities since the beginning of the year, a special ceremony was organised to show the different activities that the pupils took ...

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Victoria i met son labiyman Nwel


Tou bann lalimyer ek lezot dekorasyon Nwel dan lavil Victoria ti alimen ofisyelman Sanmdi swar pandan en aktivite dan Peace Park animen par plizyer group enkli Choral and Music Society ek lezot ki ti pe met lanbyans an santan Karol ek lezot sanson Nwel. Bann dimoun ki ti la pe vin admir bann dekorasyon ti osi asiste e partisip dan ...

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Young actors display newly learned skills


A group of students from the School of Drama put on a scintillating show recently to showcase what they had learned in a course on acting and performing. Throughout the course, which lasted for 39 weeks, the students learned the art of stage acting whereby they were introduced to different techniques of acting such as the art of improvisation and ...

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‘Tonbola’ revives traditional games of yesteryear


The Seychelles Heritage Foundation (SHF) in partnership with the Au Cap district administration, the department of local government, senior citizens, young citizens club and heritage clubs hosted a ‘tonbola’ under the theme ‘Dekouver Mon Leritaz’. The activities took place at the Domaine de Val des Pres, Artisanal Village, commonly known as Vye Marmit last Sunday. The purpose of the activity ...

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Island Vibration i selebre 20-an legzistans


Island Vibration, enn parmi bann meyer benn dan Sesel, pe selebre 20-an zot legzistans. Pour mark sa lokazyon, Island Vibration i envit ou pour en spektak ek bal kot ansyen Lotel Reef Hotel Sanmdi le 2 Desanm aparti 9er diswar. Kree le 15 Zanvye, 1997, Island Vibration ki sorti direkteman Praslin in fer en kantite sikse avek zot bann sanson ...

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Seychelles and South Africa arts councils discuss artistic exchanges


Discussions held between the Youth, Sports and Culture Minister, Mitcy Larue and the chief executive of the National Arts Council of South Africa, Rosemary Mangope centered around the memorandum of understanding which was signed between the chief executive of the National Arts Council of Seychelles, Jimmy Savy, and his South African counterpart in April this year in South Africa. The ...

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Seychelles Arts Award Seychelles’ top artists honoured


• John Wirtz and Marie-Thérèse Choppy win Life Achievement awards John Wirtz and Marie-Thérèse Choppy were presented with the Life Achievement Award on Saturday by President Danny Faure. This was during the Seychelles Arts Awards (SAA) which took place at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS). The award ceremony hosted by the National Arts Council (NAC) has been relaunched after ...

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Bishop Chang-Him re-elected CCA chairman


The Cancer Concern Association (CCA) has renewed its confidence in the organisation’s chairperson Bishop French Chang-Him and in its management committee. Bishop Chang-Him was re-elected chairman and Josie Michaud-Payet has kept her position as vice-chairperson. Geneviève André and Bernadette Furneau remain respectively secretary and treasurer. The other committee members are Merna Eulentin, Maggie Bristol, Emelyn Shroff, Meryl Clothilde, Patricia Francourt ...

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