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‘Framing Light’ exhibition at Eden Art Space gallery


Work of some 30 photographers feature in Seychelles’ first major exhibition of fine art photography which opened earlier this week at the Eden Island Plaza. The show titled ‘Framing Light’ features the work of the photographers, with images taken primarily in Seychelles. However some artists are showing work made overseas while others, such as Michel Denousse, specialises in ‘tableaux’, elaborately ...

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“Cooperative des Artisans” for locally-made products only


he Cooperative des Artisans celebrated its 75 years of existence recently and many activities to commemorate the event were held on the Cooperative’s grounds in Victoria. Locally made products were on sale and on display there while many of them were being crafted on site. During its 75 years the Cooperative des Artisans has kept its trademark ‘Hand-made in Seychelles’ ...

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Warrior Band: How they became the biggest band in Seychelles


What does it take be become a ‘great’ band? TheWarrior Band, one of the most talented bands in Seychelles, has successfully earned the title of ‘Success’. They have successfully represented Seychelles in various festivals abroad and locally. They have also graced the stage with international and local artists, and even brought their style of music to Mauritius, Rodriguez Island and ...

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Lenstiti Kreol Sesel i organiz en latelye pour bann ansenyan primer


An preparasyon pour kolok enternasyonal 2018, Lenstiti Kreol Sesel in organiz en latelye avek ansenyan P2 e P3 yer bomaten kot Lenstiti Kreol, Au Cap. Bi sa latelye ti pour edik bann ansenyan pour idantifye bann stratezi efektiv, e apropriye pour ed zelev  sorti an Kreol Seselwa pour al ver Angle. Bokou ansenyan i rankontre difikilte ler zot pe servi ...

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Primary students showcase traditional dance moves


A group of two dozen boys and girls from primary two up to primary six from a number of schools showcased their traditional dance moves in a special ceremony in front of their parents yesterday at the Carrefour des Arts. The students had followed a week-long dance class to learn the steps and moves of our traditional moutya, sega and ...

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Tax change prompts Seychellois seamstress to seek international markets


A Seychellois seamstress says she needs to take her clothing brand to international markets in order to survive in the industry, given upcoming changes in the island nation ’s tax code. Johanna Didon, who has been sewing since she was 12, shared her goal and her major concerns with SNA while making reference to an address made by Seychelles’ president, ...

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Bahá’is celebrate most great festival of Ridvan


In 1863, Bahá’u’lláh (Glory of God) first announced His Divine Mission as a Messenger of God during the 12 days He called the days of Paradise (i.e. “Ridván”).  This event took place in a rose-filled garden full of singing birds, where family and friends stayed in large tents across the river Tigris. It was a brief interlude in the 40 ...

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Craft Village re-opens


The Craft Village at the Domaine de Val des Près, Au Cap, officially re-opened its doors to visitors on Friday evening after two and a half months of renovation work on the artisanal facilities found there. It was Vice-President Vincent Meriton, assisted by the chief executive of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, Benjamine Rose, who had the honour of cutting the ...

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Welcome to Domaine de Val des Près


The visitor’s book on the antique mahogany table next to the Polliack gramophone is filled with praises and commendatory remarks from visitors of various nationalities. They came from Australia, Slovakia, India, China, Turkey, Romania… even Poland. Places that traditionally our sun-seeking holiday makers Do Not come from. Well, the Domaine de Val des Près here at Au Cap is not ...

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La Buse treasure hunt organised as part of Heritage Week in Seychelles


Are you an adventurous person? Are you fascinated with stories of buried treasure? Are you physically fit?  Then why not join the La Buse treasure hunt this Sunday as part of this year’s Heritage Week. The senior project manager of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, Cindy Moka, told SNA on Thursday that the event is to revive the historical treasure burial ...

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