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Seychelles Festival of the Sea

I recall the first time SUBIOS was held in 1989 and the excitement that surrounded this vibrant, new event with its presentations and talks by eminent divers, photographers, marine scientists and other personalities from the marine world.

SUBIOS’ longevity speaks for itself. In the intervening years it has continued to inform, educate, sensitize and entertain in equal measure, encouraging the local population and, in particular school-children, to gain a better appreciation of the surrounding ocean.

In this fast changing world where the sheer weight of populations and the ever-increasing pace of life seems, quite literally, to be heating up the planet, it is essential that forums such as SUBIOS cause us to pause and reflect on not only the beauty of our extraordinary marine heritage, but also upon its extreme fragility and vulnerability to the excesses of human activity.

I personally hope that SUBIOS will continue to play its important role in educating and entertaining us in the ways that it has for over twenty years, for many years to come.



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