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Dr Mathilda Twomey dedicates book to daughter, her ‘little light’


‘Legal Metissage in a Micro-Jurisdiction: The Mixing of Common Law and Civilian Law in Seychelles’, is the title of a new book written by Dr Mathilda Twomey, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The book was officially launched on Wednesday evening at the Mayor’s Office, ex-Carnegie, on State House Avenue. Mrs Twomey said she has dedicated her book to her ...

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Insolites Seychelles


  «Insolites Seychelles», nouveau venu dans la publication touristique, sous la plume de Véronique Dupont éditrice et auteure sort véritablement des sentiers battus. Il s’agit d’un remarquable ouvrage touristique très original tant dans sa forme que par son contenu. Ce guide présente les Seychelles et ses multiples facettes avec une approche intelligente, enrichissante, ludique et pratique. Sa singularité réside dans ...

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New book traces history of Muslims in Seychelles


A new book that gives an account of the history of the Muslim community in Seychelles — from the arrival of Muslims as exiles to how Islam was consolidated on the island — was launched this week. “Muslims in Seychelles: A historical appraisal of their legacy” has been written by Seychelles-born Professor Abdul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim. In addition to the history of ...

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New cookbook launched


A new cookbook named Aquacasi was officially launched last Friday during a cocktail held at the Seychelles Tourism Academy at La Misère. It was signed and presented by Shanti Maurice executive chef Willibad Reinbacher to Alain St Ange, Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture. Aquacasia, through executive chef Reinbacher, is the product of a partnership between Shanti Maurice, a Nira ...

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New book celebrates 40 years of Aride Island as a nature reserve


New book to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the protection of Aride Island as a Special Reserve. The book entitled ‘Aride Island – Tread Lightly’ was launched at the British high commission on Thursday June 16, 2016 at the same time as the celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The book has been compiled and edited by Tim ...

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Tandif Granpapa


Not lo loter Jean-Joseph Madeleine ti ne le 29 Zanvye 1956.  I’n grandi e fer son letid primer dan distrik Grand Anse Mahe.  Pli tar i’n fer letid ‘Adult Learning’, kot in ganny sans aprann Kreol, Franse ek Angle.  A laz 28 an Jean-Joseph ti komans ekrir apre ki i ti’n ganny enspire par roman “Fler Fletri” ekrir par Leu ...

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Julien Durup launches new book


‘The Seychelles Islands and its First Landowners 1786 – 1833’, is the title of Julien Durup’s new book. The book which the author says took between two to three years to write was officially launched in a short ceremony at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday afternoon. The Seychellois historian commented that the launch of a book is like the ...

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Sketches of Seychelles: New book ‘Island Souls’ shows decades of drawings


Beautiful pencil sketches of the Seychellois people dating back decades have been published in a new book by artist Michael Adams. ‘Island Souls of the Seychelles,’ launched last week, costs $115 and depicts portraits of Seychellois, which Adams has been drawing since he first arrived in the islands with his wife Heather in 1972. Speaking to SNA on Monday, Adams ...

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Une nouvelle version du livre HISTOIRES VRAIES DES SEYCHELLES en vente


Voici la nouvelle version du livre ‘HISTOIRES VRAIES DES SEYCHELLES’ avec un ajout de ‘l’Odyssée de la Mary-Jane’ dont l’auteur, John Louis Adam, a vécu ses premières années sur l’île Aldabra où son père travaillait comme régisseur entre 1939 et 1942 lorsque la deuxième Guerre Mondiale battait son plein. De petites anecdotes intéressantes, même comiques, y figurent dans son livre ...

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Seychelles Unexpected Treasures


Seychelles is blessed with many outstanding attributes and our islands’ reputation for offering some of the most stunning, natural beauty on the planet is well-deserved. However, what may be less well known is the fact that the splendour of our 115 islands extends beneath the waves where quite another world beckons: one visited by a relatively small number of divers ...

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