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Sketches of Seychelles: New book ‘Island Souls’ shows decades of drawings


Beautiful pencil sketches of the Seychellois people dating back decades have been published in a new book by artist Michael Adams. ‘Island Souls of the Seychelles,’ launched last week, costs $115 and depicts portraits of Seychellois, which Adams has been drawing since he first arrived in the islands with his wife Heather in 1972. Speaking to SNA on Monday, Adams ...

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Une nouvelle version du livre HISTOIRES VRAIES DES SEYCHELLES en vente


Voici la nouvelle version du livre ‘HISTOIRES VRAIES DES SEYCHELLES’ avec un ajout de ‘l’Odyssée de la Mary-Jane’ dont l’auteur, John Louis Adam, a vécu ses premières années sur l’île Aldabra où son père travaillait comme régisseur entre 1939 et 1942 lorsque la deuxième Guerre Mondiale battait son plein. De petites anecdotes intéressantes, même comiques, y figurent dans son livre ...

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Seychelles Unexpected Treasures


Seychelles is blessed with many outstanding attributes and our islands’ reputation for offering some of the most stunning, natural beauty on the planet is well-deserved. However, what may be less well known is the fact that the splendour of our 115 islands extends beneath the waves where quite another world beckons: one visited by a relatively small number of divers ...

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Seychelles State House – Centenary of Inauguration

state house

As the most recent occupant of State House, I have been awarded the rare privilege of witnessing and fully appreciating how this grand building, for a century now, has acted like a thread fro which has been strung the many pearls of the history of our country. The delicate architectural lines of State House have encompassed much of our nation’s ...

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Seychelles Enters the World of Carnival


I feel privileged to have been able to witness the spectacle of the 2011 ‘Carnival International de Victoria’ as both an ‘outsider’ and an ‘insider’. As an outsider, because way back in 1978, I came to Seychelles as a refugee, and an exile, from a revolution-torn country and immediately fell in love with the welcoming spirit of Seychelles and the ...

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Discovering the National Monuments of Seychelles


A Nation learns its history from its monuments, for they are permanent reminders of the past. With only two hundred and thirty years of existence, Seychelles may have had a relatively brief history, but during this period there have been tremendous changes, in the social, economic, and political life of the people. To estimate the extent and direction of these ...

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SEYCHELLES – The Coco-de-Mer


A famous man, I believe it might have been Albert Einstein, once stated “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” If this is true, then there can be few objects so telling of the uniqueness of Seychelles than its marvelous Coco-de-Mer. One can well appreciate the amazement of the ancient as they  are held this wonder ...

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Distant Horizons My Reflections

distant horizons

“James Michel has penned a forthright account of a tumultuous life and the birth of a liberated Seychelles., He tells what he did, why he did it, where he succeeded, where he failed and what still remains to be done. This book should be mandatory reading for all public servants, who purport to serve the people.’ Chris Mole, Member of ...

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An island nation in a global sea


President James A. Michel tells a remarkable story of how a small nation is coming to terms with globalisation. It reflects his own vision of the New Seychelles. For ten years he has led his nation and this book offers a timely opportunity for reflection. It has not been an easy journey. The economy was already the subject of a ...

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James Michel – A man of the people


From the bare-footed schoolboy, teacher, trade unionist, journalist, government minister . . . James Alix Michel has come a long way. His inaugural address upon assuming the highest office of the land set out the guiding principles of his presidency, his style of leadership, his unflinching belief in the Seychellois people, his creed and ethos. They are resumed thus : ...

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