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Distant Horizons My Reflections

distant horizons

“James Michel has penned a forthright account of a tumultuous life and the birth of a liberated Seychelles., He tells what he did, why he did it, where he succeeded, where he failed and what still remains to be done. This book should be mandatory reading for all public servants, who purport to serve the people.’ Chris Mole, Member of ...

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An island nation in a global sea


President James A. Michel tells a remarkable story of how a small nation is coming to terms with globalisation. It reflects his own vision of the New Seychelles. For ten years he has led his nation and this book offers a timely opportunity for reflection. It has not been an easy journey. The economy was already the subject of a ...

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James Michel – A man of the people


From the bare-footed schoolboy, teacher, trade unionist, journalist, government minister . . . James Alix Michel has come a long way. His inaugural address upon assuming the highest office of the land set out the guiding principles of his presidency, his style of leadership, his unflinching belief in the Seychellois people, his creed and ethos. They are resumed thus : ...

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The life of France Albert Rene, captured in the words of a British historian


(Seychelles News Agency) – ‘Albert René – The Father of the Modern Seychelles’ is the title of a biography published about the Seychelles’ former president, France Albert Rene. The book was launched at State House in the capital Victoria this morning by Seychelles President James Michel, who presented Albert René with a copy of the book, with his children and ...

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New book by Marion Gendron


A new book entitled ‘Poems and short stories – of Seychelles and beyond’ has been published by author Marion Gendron. A very talented writer of both prose and poetry, she has always had a passion for English Literature, graduating in the UK with a BSC honours in English and A PGCE in TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language), followed ...

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