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Boukannen – Traditional Method of Smoking fish


by BERTHILDA WALTER BEFORE refrigerators and deep freezers were introduced in Seychelles, there were four main ways of preserving fish. Fish was fried, boiled, salted or smoked. Today we are going to learn more about the traditional method of smoking fish. Smoked fish is traditionally known as “Pwason Boukannen”. Before preparing the fish to be smoked let us first learn ...

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If this adage is true, the Seychellois folks must be one of the “spiciest” on earth as kreol (or creole) cuisine is a spicy blend of the best from the continents of origin of the early inhabitants: Africa, Europe, and Asia. PART ONE.  FROM THE TRADITIONAL KREOL KITCHEN TO THE MODERN! In the not so remote past when wood and ...

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