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Jackfruit – Could it help feed the planet?


In the wake of food insecurity brought about by climate change, scientists are scrambling to find alternative crops that could help to feed the planet, and their focus in recent weeks has turned to the humble jackfruit. According to an article in The Guardian newspaper, food security experts think the world’s largest treeborne fruit, which has the smell of rotting ...

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6 different kinds of ‘apples’ found in Seychelles


The well known proverb says ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ but it doesn’t specify which kind of apple. You see, in Seychelles a tropical group of islands in the western Indian Ocean, there are various fruits with apple in their names, although these fruits are not the apples known and eaten worldwide. These local apples were once ...

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The Noni


Another Seychelles Superfruit By Mma Metsi If ever there was a plant that would pose a challenge it would be the Noni. The benefits of the juice made from its fruits are numerous but it stinks to the high heavens! How is one to swallow past a gag reflex? Mr Ferdinand Vidot, well-known Seychelles herbalist, advises a dash of another ...

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The coconut cure


Once upon a time, our coconuts were an important source of revenue for our country.  To mark Africa Traditional Medicine day on August 31, TONY MATHIOT, on behalf of the National Heritage Research Section shares some knowledge about the healing powers of our coconut… “A hundred years ago, millions of coconuts were collected annually in our country”. The old man’s ...

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World Consumer Rights Day for ‘Antibiotics off the Menu’


World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is being celebrated today around the globe to recognise the rights of consumers. Each year the event has a theme. This year’s theme ‘Antibiotics off the Menu’ is to raise campaign around the world for fast food companies and major international restaurant chain, to stop the sale of meat that has been raised with routine ...

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The Legendary BREADFRUIT


 By Alexandria Faure & Chef Antoine Simeon INTERESTING FACT The breadfruit prevented starvation in the colony, so much so that the Governor Charles Richard Mackey O’Brien enacted an ordinance for the protection of the Breadfruit Tree known as ‘The Breadfruit And Other Trees Protection Ordinance, 1917’. This act has prevented many breadfruit trees from being cut down and in 1985 ...

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Premium Spanish Ondoliva olive oil available at your doorsteps


Mahe Industrial of Pillay R Group takes great pride in introducing Ondoliva, the well-known olive oil brand from Spain which hit the supermarket shelves on July 13, 2015. Extra virgin oil offers a world of fruity, bitter taste that chefs are capturing to elevate dishes to the level they never thought was possible. It is suitable for salad dressings, meats, ...

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More education awareness needed to encourage healthy eating habits


The number of people who drink full cream milk, add large amounts of sugar to their tea or coffee and do not remove visible fat and skin off chicken before cooking is still too high and people need to be made aware of  health risks associated with such practices through more health education, a recent study has found. The National ...

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Voyage Gourmand aux Seychelles


Comme tous les créoles, les seychellois ont le sens de la cuisine. Elle est à l’image de leur pays : chaleureuse, colorée, pleine de saveurs et de mélanges. Il suffit de regarder une mappemonde pour comprendre qu’elle est à la croisée des traditions culinaires d’Asie, d’Inde et d’Afrique. Elle ne vise pas la sophistication comme certaines autres gastronomies qui ressemblent ...

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Mackerels have valuable nutrients; can be cooked in tasty ways


Almost every day at the Victoria Market or elsewhere in various districts, mackerels are available in abundance. One would think that they are the least expensive fish available in Seychelles but this is not really the case. Nowadays mackerels are getting so costly that people sometimes cannot afford them, although Seychellois love mackerels. Will you buy a packet of eight ...

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