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History of Seychelles

Dr Hilda Stevenson-Delhomme Seychelles’ First Female Politician


From Medicine to Politics The late Dr Hilda Stevenson-Delhomme, has earned a mention in the book, Women in Politics: Voices from the Commonwealth (Commonwealth Secretariat, 2000). Delhomme made her mark by becoming Seychelles’ first female politician. On page 111, the book states the simple facts about one of Seychelles’ most memorable female political pioneers: “In 1903, Seychelles became a British ...

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Wood beneath the waters: Wrecks in Seychelles


by Glynn Burridge Since that time when early Arab seafarers first entered the watery wilderness they called the Bahr al Zanj (Sea of Blacks), or when the migrants who would eventually populate the giant island of Madagascar made their epic voyage from their home in the Far East, shipwrecks are calamities which have been repeated many times.Since that time when ...

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The Judicial History Of Seychelles


By Tony Mathiot IN 1756, France took possession of the Seychelles and in 1778, when the French created the first settlement of L’Etablissement du Roi on Mahé, the laws of the Code Noir was in force throughout the archipelago of the Seychelles. This was a decree passed by Louis XVI (1643-1718) of France in 1685 to establish the conditions of ...

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Once upon a time the shores of the Seychelles offered shelter to hundreds of liberated African slaves. Tony Mathiot visits the ruins of the sanctuary where their children stayed.  It’s an old place of mournful beauty and sweet peaceful gloom that arouses a titillating sensation of poignancy in the visitor. The “Mission Ruins” are actually the ruins of Venn’s Town, ...

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Our treasure at the bottom of the sea…


To mark National Heritage Week, TONY MATHIOT, on behalf of the National Heritage Research Section considers an aspect of our cultural heritage that is highly at risk… Imagine that you are diving out there, somewhere among our outer islands. You descend deeper into an abyss, perhaps about 20 fathoms where the water gets colder and visibility is nebulously dark. As ...

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The Wreck of Ennerdale


By Tony Mathiot The maritime history of Seychelles contains many chapters that tell the tragic accounts of ship wrecks in this part of the Indian Ocean. From a Portuguese clipper that wrecked off North Island in 1784 to a Norwegian bark named “Norden” that sank near providence in 1907, these harrowing stories make us aware of those many wreckages of ...

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The Victoria Lighthouse


By Tony Mathiot The Victoria lighthouse is located about 3km northeast of the Victoria waterfront, at the entrance to the Victoria harbour. Situated at the precise position of 04˚36.84S/055˚28.24E, the lighthouse structure measures 35 feet high and consist of a white masonry tower topped by a skeletal tower of aluminium steel. The light is a white flash that shows every ...

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The Lighthouse of Denis Island


Every night, if a ship from the east or north arrives in the archipelago of the Seychelles, the captain of the vessel anticipates the detection of a flashing light located at precisely: 03 47.81’S, 055 40.02’E 95 km (59 miles) north of the main Island of Mahé. For one hundred and twenty-seven years, the light house of Denis Island has ...

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Signal Hill


There is a mountain in Seychelles that played a pivotal role in maritime communications. This is Signal Hill, located in the northern part of Mahé over looking the harbour of Victoria. It is from this 1,341 feet elevation covering a radius of 30 miles, that for almost a century, vessels were signalled by an elaborate method of flags that were ...

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The District Of Cascade


A historical perspective… By Tony Mathiot Cascade is situated 8km South of Victoria. It extends from Petit Paris to Anse Talbot. The highlands of Cascade adjoin to the mountain forest of Montagne Planeau in the West, to Whernside in the north and to Varigault and Mont Sebert in the South. From the coast, the forests of Cascade present a panorama ...

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