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History of Seychelles

Bel Ombre Treasure site


Olivier de VasseurWe know little about Olivier de Vasseur other than that he was a French pirate who preyed upon ships in the Indian Ocean. He made two rich captures, the Portuguese vessel, Vierge du Cap, carrying the Viceroy and the Archbishop of Goa, the Portuguese colony on the Indian coast, and an Arab ship. She carried a princess on ...

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First female Seychellois Chief Justice appointed


President James Michel yesterday, upon the unanimous recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority, appointed Justice Mathilda Twomey, née Butler Payette, as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles. Mrs Twomey, who is the third Seychellois Chief Justice but the first female to be appointed to the post, has had an illustrious career in the legal profession. She served ...

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The first Catholic Bishop of Seychelles


Seychelles will soon welcome its 10th Catholic Bishop, one hundred and sixty three years after the Seychelles Islands were erected into an Apostolic Prefecture. TONY MATHIOT remembers our first Catholic Bishop. The sad news arrived in the colony instantly – and on Friday January 7, 1910, the SEYCHELLES GOVERNMENT GAZETTE published an official  notice from Governor Walter Edward Davidson (1859-1923) ...

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The Lavalas of 1862


One hundred and fifty years ago, a natural catastrophe happened in our islands. It was a calamity of an unprecedented nature. Tony Mathiot tells us the story of that harrowing event… …And now, after so many days of continuous torrential rains, the forested mountains above the small town are in a state of saturation. The storm rages on, like it ...

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The story of State House


Once upon a time it was a sumptuous Colonial establishment. Now, it is a dignified and majestic feature of Victoria as our pictures show. Tony Mathiot shares his fascination … by Tony Mathiot Isn’t it absolutely splendid? With its twin porticos, white pillars and balustrades that typify the utter sublimity of Edwardian refinement and colonial opulence.  Isn’t it magnificently perfect?  ...

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Silhouette of Seychelles


By: Tony Mathiot From a distance it looks like a mist-shrouded mountain on the North West horizon.  A sullen solitary Silhouette.  As you are lured nearer, you discover la isla bonita and she is indeed like a mountain on the sea!  And then you are spellbound by Silhouette, the third largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Whilst others flaunt their ...

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Hodoul Island


Few of us know the history of this small uninhabited islet that lies in the tidal basin of Victoria Harbour. Tony Mathiot enlightens us with a few fascinating facts.  So, it is called Hodoul Island, this small, oval and flat land mass overgrown with casuarinas trees that lies some thirty breast strokes from the sea wall at the Seychelles Nation ...

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Our museum is 50


To mark the International Museum Day, TONY MATHIOT, on behalf of Seychelles National Museums recalls half a century in the life of our precious establishment.  The Seychelles national museums division currently falls under the aegis of the culture department within the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and is primarily responsible for the continuous preservation, promotion and development of Seychelles cultural ...

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Seychelles becomes full-fledged member of world trade body


Seychelles on Monday marked the first day of officially becoming a full-fledged member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after the 30 days countdown to its membership became effective on Sunday. It is to be recalled that Seychelles applied for WTO membership in May 1995 but it completed its long application process in October last year. On March 25 this ...

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Welcome to the national monuments of Seychelles


A nation learns its history from its monuments, for they are permanent reminders of the past. Seychelles monuments are distinguished either for their historical importance or scientific interest, or because they are aesthetic symbols that celebrate the social, political, cultural and economic achievements of the Seychelles Nation. Beauvoir Cemetery Officially opened in April 1883 for the burial of Catholic missionaries, ...

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