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History of Seychelles

The King of Ashanti – 24 years of exile in Seychelles


During the turbulent days of empire the colony of Seychelles was home to quite a few exiles. TONY MATHIOT tells the story of the banishment of one particular King whose exiles have had an enduring social impact on the island where he stayed. …for twenty-four years. He arrived in Seychelles aboard the SS Dwarka on Tuesday 11th September of 1900; ...

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Alexis-Marie de Rochon 1741-1817


par Richard Touboul Astronome, physicien, mathématicien, navigateur, botaniste…savant de génie touche à tout, Alexis Marie de Rochon est né le 21 février 1741 au château de Brest où son père était aide-major des villes et château de Brest. Son frère ainé ayant choisi une carrière militaire il fut selon la tradition familiale destiné à l’Eglise et obtint un simple prieuré. ...

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The National History Museum of Seychelles


TONY MATHIOT, invites you to treat yourself to a day at the Museum. Historically speaking, do 254 years in the life of a small tropical republic have anything to show? Is there History in two centuries and a half or so? The History of our two former colonial rulers stretches way back to time immemorial.  France, which colonized Seychelles from ...

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Wood, coal….and Gas


Thirty years ago SEYPEC (The Seychelles Petroleum Company) assume responsibility to provide the Seychelles Nation with one of its most fundamental needs: FUEL. Tony Mathiot takes us back to the past. Can you imagine that? Long before electricity, kerosene, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas became mundane features and yet necessities of life, our sources of fuel were … our forests. ...

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Aldabra giant tortoise


The Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, is one of the largest tortoises in the world. The carapace is a brown or tan color with a high, domed shape. It has stocky, heavily scaled legs to support its heavy body. The neck of the Aldabra giant tortoise is very long, even ...

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The Secret of Vanilla


By Tony Mathiot Vanilla.  The mysterious and beautiful orchid vine which for centuries has enchanted the world with the aroma and flavour of its fruits. Tony Mathiot follows the trail of its fragrance back to its primeval origins and discovers how once upon a time it brought fortune  and prosperity to Seychelles. One early morning, in the year 1841 on ...

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The story of the Seychelles Hospital


Built during the early 20th century, it is a decade short of its centennial. TONY MATHIOT tells the story of one of Seychelles’s most cherished iconic colonial edifices. In late afternoon of Sunday November 30, 1924, an important event took place in the colony of Seychelles. This was the inauguration of the New Seychelles Hospital at Mont Fleuri by the ...

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The little chapel on the hill


There is a charming little sanctuary hidden high on a wooded hill far away from Victoria. TONY MATHIOT tells an interesting story ….. It had been a stormy night. The sky above La Misère was hidden behind a massive nimbostratus that released torrents of rain upon the forested mountain, while blustering winds lashed at the old giant timber trees. The ...

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Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus-A Historic Anniversary


Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus A Historic Anniversary 50 Years since his exile in Seychelles Exactly 50 years ago, on the 14th March, 1956,  the Islands of Exiles*, as Seychelles was known, at the time, received what proved to be the  most famous of the all the exiles that were, ever, banished to its shores. Archbishop Makarios III, the spiritual and ...

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Iles Conception et Thérèse


Par Richard TOUBOUL Les îles Thérèse et Conception furent découvertes officiellement par Lazare Picault et Jean Grossin lors de leur arrivée aux « Trois Frères » (Mahé) le 21 novembre 1742. En effet elles apparaissent sur le 1er plan de Mahé dressé par Jean Grossin à bord de son bateau « Le Charle ». L’étude de documents anciens datant principalement ...

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