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L’OASIS DES MOTS de Magie Faure-Vidot :


Une oasis dans le désert littéraire seychellois  Dans un pays où les publications littéraires manquent cruellement, L’OASIS DES MOTS, le dernier recueil de la poétesse Magie Faure-Vidot, apparaît comme une réelle oasis littéraire. Ecrit dans les trois langues officielles des Seychelles – créole, anglais et français – le recueil réunit ses nouveaux poèmes, enrichis de quelques textes d’amis. Eléments qui ...

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‘Pioneer in the promotion of the Creole language’ honoured in Seychelles – sculpture of Danielle Jorre de St Jorre unveiled


As Creole nations worldwide celebrated the 32nd International Day of the Creole language, on Thursday October 28, Seychelles saw it fitting to honour one person who had the determination and passion to ensure the development of the Creole language in the Indian Ocean island nation. A sculpture of the late Danielle Jorre de St Jorre was unveiled at ‘Lenstiti Kreol’ ...

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6 novels inspired by Seychelles’ calm, tropical islands


The Seychelles – islands of paradise, the perfect resting place to find the cure for writer’s block or the inspiration to write a story. Here are six novels that came about while the author sat with his pen and paper against the tropical backdrop of the 115-island archipelago. 1. ‘Wild Justice’ – Wilbur Smith South African novelist Wilbur Smith owned ...

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Seychelles plantation history and ancient tombs: Henri Dauban’s memoirs bring Silhouette’s mysterious heritage to life


Almost every Seychellois citizen and visitor to the Indian Ocean archipelago must have been here: the famous tourist beach of Beau Vallon, a ‘Golden Mile’ that stretches along the north-easternmost bay of the most populated island of Mahé. And each person fortunate enough to stand and watch the last golden-pink rays of sun sink below the horizon at Beau Vallon ...

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Remembering Antoine Abel


After having witnessed four Seychellois artists being added onto the wall of fame, Seychelles proudly hosted a ceremony yesterday at the International Creole institute in honor of Antoine Abel, on the eve of the departed 80th birthday. The highlight of the event was to launch a book containing a series of poems written by Antoine Abel, entitled “Les memoires D’Antoine”. ...

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