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Ralph Amesbury

ralph amesbury

Ralph Amesbury, the Chairman of SEYMAS, the Musician’s Association and members of his Executive Committee met on Friday morning with Minister Alain St.Ange Ralph Amesbury, the Chairman of SEYMAS, the Musician’s Association and members of his Executive Committee met on Friday morning with Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture who was being accompanied by Benjamine ...

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Philip Toussaint

philip Toussaint

Confident and not afraid to speak his mind would be the way to describe singer and lead guitarist Philip Toussaint. His tone was assertive and his handshake firm. The man was clearly on a mission and after a few seconds of chit chat, he got right to the point. “Basically I grew up with my grandma because mum was away ...

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Sandra Esparon


Seychelles artist Sandra Esparon is making headlines because of her exceptional talent as a singer. This young  beautiful singer is becoming the latest discovery by the press fraternity. Week after week she is in different publications, not in Seychelles, but across the world. This week it was FEMME Magazine which portrayed Sandra Esparon and her latest music album “Sandra Fanm ...

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Joe Samy

joe samy

Joe Samy, chevalier des Arts et de la Culture (Seychelles News Agency) – L’un des chanteurs les plus connus aux Seychelles Joe Samy, riche d’une carrière de 30 ans, a reçu une décoration prestigieuse du gouvernement français cet après-midi. C’est au jardin Botanique, près de Victoria que l’ambassadeur de France aux Seychelles Geneviève Iancu a remis à l’artiste seychellois Joe ...

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Jean Quatre

jean quatre

“Ballades Seychelloise en Sax”, is a unique instrumental Sax melody collection of some of the most commercially successful Creole tracks, ranging from Patrick Victor, David Scolastique, Jany Letourdie, Golty Farabeau, Jean Ally, John Wirtz to Francois Havelock. The CD will have eleven tracks. Jean Quatre said that the “Saxophone instrumental album is a real treasure of great music selected from ...

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Jean Ally

jean ally

One of Seychelles’ best known veteran artists, Jean Ally, who started singing in 1973 — performing at hotels soon after and represented our islands at tourism fairs abroad – has produced his fifth CD called Sours lanmour. The dozen songs include some new ones, such as ‘What a happy day’, and Ed li, now often played on Paradise FM Radio ...

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John Wirtz


John Wirtz – Popular folk singer remembered But the man has lived through some momentous occasions in the history of our islands, witnessing the arrival of the US military on Diego Garcia prior to their implanting one of the largest bases in the world, and also the birth of party politics here. I first got to know Wirtz in 1970 ...

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Essay Quatre


Forty years singing and strumming A couple of days ago  our popular singer Essay Quatre gave a commemorative concert at the ICCS to mark the 42nd year since he first burst on the local scene in 1974. TONY MATHIOT met up with him as he was finishing his preparations for the show. By Tony Mathiot So, let’s give Essay his ...

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Jean-Marc Volcy

JM Volcy

  Julius Cesar famously remarked: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Looking back on his trajectory in life, Jean-Marc Volcy, 47, could paraphrase the Roman emperor by saying:  “I came, I saw, I concurred.”  For like Cesar, Volcy also was out to conquer something but unlike the Roman Emperor the Seychellois artiste was not seeking territorial conquest but instead international ...

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Patrick Victor

patrick victor

“We are who we believe ourselves to be – not what someone thinks we should be.” It’s a safe bet that Patrick Victor, best-known of all Seychellois singers, would approve of these sentiments, expressed by fellow creole musician John Wout. Yet two oceans and a continent separate these kindred spirits, underlining the bond shared by creole cultures across the world, ...

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