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Emmanuel Marie happy with Elijah’s reggae version of Retourn Ek Li


Retourn Ek Li has become a hit with the locals but many people, especially the youngsters who by now know the lyrics by heart, don’t know who the author of the song is. Judging from the song’s success, it is safe to say that Stephen ‘Elijah’ Eliza, who is well-known for his reggae love songs, has done a great job ...

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Collector’s item egg art


Farha Sayeed creates fascinating egg decorations using eggshells from various bird species such as emu, rhea, ostrich, goose, turkey, duck, guinea and hen. Each piece is unique and the inside of the egg shell is beautifully decorated by hand with different silk while the outer layer is decorated using pearls, beads, brocade, velvet, satin and rhinestone chains. The eggs are ...

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Baha’is celebrate bicentennial


Faithful of the Baha’i faith in Seychelles celebrated 200 years since the birth of Baha’u’llah, the founder of the faith, in a ceremony held last Friday night at the Baha’i centre in Bel Air. In attendance were President Danny Faure, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Wavel Ramkalawan, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay, ministers, members of ...

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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest – School children unveil their ‘dream cars’


Kim Morel, Alina Muslin and Nathalie Desaubin are the three winners of the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. In the category five to eight years old, Kim Morel from La Misère primary school took first place (the snail looking car), Elisha Michel also from La Misère primary school, snatched second place (the lady bird Toyota car) and Jamines Constant ...

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Abu Dhabi gets taste of Seychelles’ culture


As Seychelles celebrated the 32nd ‘Festival Kreol’ during the month of October, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) took the opportunity to showcase some aspects of this annual celebration of the island’s culture and tradition in Abu Dhabi. A cultural evening was organised at Hilton Abu Dhabi’s Hiltonia Lake Garden on Thursday October 26. Some 120 guests including Seychelles’ new ambassador ...

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Celebrating young artistic talents


Forty one students from primary and secondary school showcased their artistic talents through an art contest under the theme ‘Scenic beauty of Seychelles’. Seven of them were rewarded as winners while the others have been recognised for their contribution through a prize giving ceremony held yesterday at the Seychelles Institute for Teacher Education (Site). Primary six (P6) student Joy Cupidon ...

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Konkour Enterskoler ‘Moman Kreativite’


Site, Plaisance ek Beau Vallon, meyer dan zot kategori Lenstiti pour Ledikasyon bann Ansennyan (Site), Plaisance ek Beau Vallon i bann gran venker dan zot kategori respektiv pour Konkour Enterskoler ‘Moman Kreativite’ sa lannen. Bann gannyan sa konkour, ki enn bann aktivite far Festival Kreol, ti resevwar zot pri resaman dan en seremoni kot lasal Lekol Ledikasyon Mont Fleuri dan ...

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‘Bal dan Simityer’ i fer son final le 11 ek 12 Novanm


Pour bann ki pa ankor vwar sa pyes teat komik ‘Bal dan Simityer’, la i zot dernyen sans. Pyes pou zwe pour dernyen fwa Sanmdi le 11 ek Dimans le 12 Novanm 2017 dan ICCS. Premye performans sa pyes ti deroul zis apre louvertir 32enm Festival Kreol e sa ti ganny organize an kolaborasyon avek komite organizater Festival Kreol konman ...

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32enm Festival Kreol – Voyaz gala literer i rann omaz Regina Melanie


Gran literer ek poet Regina Melanie ti ganny onore atraver en parkour poezi pandan Voyaz gala literer ki ti fer kot ansyen Reef Hotel Lendi swar anba tenm ‘Enn nou menm’. Bann poet ti enterpret e resit en koleksyon poenm ekri antyerman par Madanm Melanie. Son bann poenm ti ganny resite par bann poet ki form parti Bling Bling poetry, ...

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32enm Festival Kreol – Joseph Louise i fer ankor fraka


Lasal enternasyonal (ICCS) ti’n ankonbre Sanmdi swar avek bann fans veteran mizisyen Joseph Louise, osi koni konman Ton Joe. I fer 4enm fwa ki spektak ‘Joseph Louise and friends’ i ganny fer, me mannyer bann spektater ti pe kriye, danse e aklanmen, bokou ti a krwar ti son premye fwa. Safwasi sa konser ti’n ganny organize konman enn bann aktivite ...

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