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Seychellois music master retires after 37-year teaching career


After nearly four decades of promoting music in Seychelles, a Seychellois music teacher at the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts is retiring. Jerry Souris, 60, has been an instructor and recently administrator of the National Conservatoire for 37 years, where he has mentored and taught several generations of music students. “As a teacher, I have taught children as well as ...

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Jamaican singer Nyanda soon in Seychelles


Fire and Ice, Event Gurus in collaboration with Elijah is set to thrill music fans in Seychelles with a massive live concert starring Jamaican singer Nyanda in the finest display of international and local music thus far. The talented singer from Brick and Lace will be live in concert at the mini stadium (La Promenade football field) Victoria on December ...

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Le nouvel album de Joe Samy est dans les bacs


Bonne nouvelle pour les fans de Joe Samy. Joseph, dit Joe, Samy vient de sortir son nouvel album intitulé « Seychelles on my mind… ». Cet album est dans les bacs depuis mercredi pour le bonheur des mélomanes. Journaliste et chanteur, Joe, qui a été fait Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres par le gouvernement français en mars ...

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Participation d’une délégation seychelloise au festival Liberté Métisse de La Réunion


La Ministre de La Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Culture, Madame Mitcy Larue a conduit une délégation seychelloise au festival Liberté Métisse de La Réunion. Elle avait inauguré, aux côtés du président de la Région Réunion, M. Didier Robert, ce festival à Etang Salé Les Bains. Cette manifestation culturelle de trois jours est un évènement des Iles Vanilles dont ...

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Young guitarists give added sparkle to festive atmosphere


A group of youth from the School of Music spread the holiday spirit in two banks in town through a delightful performance of classical Christmas songs. The young guitarists were accompanied by guitar teacher François Victor at the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), Caravelle House and the Nouvobanq headquarters on Thursday afternoon. The group of seven children are aged between 9 ...

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Patrick Octave i ganny sipor SNYC


Lekip Konsey Nasyonal pour Lazenes (SNYC) ansanm avek de zanmi Patrick Octave ti rann en vizit spesyal sa santer kot son paran, Sans Souci. Bi sa vizit sete pour anmenn sipor ek lankourazman pour Patrick vi ki son lasante pa tro byen e donn li sa laspirasyon ek lespwar ki i pa santi li tousel pour Nwel ek Lannen. SNYC ...

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4-year-old in Seychelles author of book warning of dangers of junk food


A 4-year old Sri-Lankan boy living in Seychelles has set a new Guinness World Record for being the youngest author to ever publish a book. Thanuwana Serasinghe, born to a Sri Lankan couple residing in Seychelles, told SNA that he just wanted to let the kids know about what kind of food they are eating and what it can do ...

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President of Seychelles congratulates author for fourth book about island nation


The President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, has congratulated a French cinema director, photographer and reporter for the quality of his latest book on the island nation. Claude Pavard’s latest publication — ‘Seychelles Love Story,’  which was launched in March — portrays happy memories of life in the island nation. It is the fourth in a series on Seychelles, an archipelago ...

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New recipe book teaches secrets of Seychelles’ Creole seafood


A new recipe book by a Seychellois author teaches readers how to cook fish and seafood in the Seychelles’ Creole cuisine style. The book entitled ‘Fish & Seafood recipes of the Seychelles Islands’ is written by Flavien Joubert and has been published by a UK-based company, Rila Publications. It was launched last Tuesday in a ceremony at Eden Bleu. According ...

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