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Seychellois editor partners Kreol Magazine with new jazz festival in Louisiana


The Seychellois editor and publisher of the international publication Kreol Magazine, Georgina Dhillon, has given her magazine’s backing to the Camellia City Smooth Jazz Festival to promote Creole culture and heritage. While the New Orleans Jazz Fest is perhaps one of the most famous events on the jazz calendar, a new tradition is due to start this year on the ...

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–Le Commission de la Jeuneese et de Sports de L’Ocean Indien (CJSOI) holds Ministerial Meeting. On the 1st of March 2017, the Indian Ocean Youth and Sports Commission held Ministerial meeting in Mauritius. The meeting was attended by the Seychelles Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture Ms Idith Alexander, the newly appointed Minister for Youth and Sports in Mauritius Mr ...

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Fidel Katolik i selebre ‘Mercredi des Cendres’, premye zour Karenm


En gran lafoul krwayan larelizyon Katolik Romen ti ransanble dan Katedral Imakile Konsepsyon yer midi pour en lanmes ‘Mercredi des Cendres’ selebre par pret dyosez Victoria, Per David Alcindor. Per Alcindor ti demann bann fidel pour konmans zot lamars ver Pak, ver larezireksyon Zezi ansanm, an fanmiy e konman en pep. I ti rapel ban fidel si zot pe selebre ...

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Artist profile: Trevor Bristol: “If you truly believe that your dream will come true, the possibilities are endless”


Every week the Entertainment page will try to bring you a short profile on a Seychellois artist, be it in the performing, visual or other forms of arts. In our ninth profile, readers will learn more about the talented singer, Trevor Bristol. Trevor started his career in 2013, with the hit song ‘Ne Pou Ou’ with his brother Rupert Dogley, ...

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Konpetisyon ‘Sesel Enspir Mwan’ – Lansman i fer pli boner e kategori laz i diminyen


Konpetisyon ‘Sesel Enspir Mwan’, ki en konpetisyon organize par Konsey Nasyonal Lazenes (SNYC) e ki donn bann zenn aze 15 a 30-an sans pour promouvwar zot talan artisitik dan diferean form lar parey lapentir, zistwar kourt, poenm ek sanson, ti ofisyelman lanse tar semenn pase avek en spektak mizikal dan oditoryonm Anse Royale. Lansman pour sa enn konpetisyon in fer ...

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An SNA review: Ahoy matey, let’s discover the pirate cove — Arrr!


Have you ever wanted to walk into a pirate’s secret lair and explore its hidden secrets? There is a place in Seychelles that could help you achieve this dream. To get the pirate cave experience, one has to travel to the southwestern district of Baie Lazare. There are two wooden signs along the Anse Soleil road that will help you find the place. You will know when you ...

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Claude Pavard launches fourth book about Seychelles

Claude Pavard Book Launch - Seychelles Love Story

Seychelles has once again inspired well-known photographer and documentary film producer Claude Pavard to write another book. Entitled Seychelles Love Story, the new book was launched at the Eden Bleu Hotel last Friday. Present at the launch were the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Maurice Loustau-Lalanne,  chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Francis and the ...

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Le cardinal Piat est venu prêcher le message de la miséricorde


« Vivre la miséricorde est la mission de l’Eglise » Le Cardinal Maurice Piat regagne l’Ile Maurice ce matin après une visite de cinq jours aux Seychelles. Avant son départ, il a donné une ultime conférence sur la miséricorde, message sur lequel il a insisté pendant toutes les activités qui ont marqué les 125 ans du diocèse de Port Victoria, anniversaire ...

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Lansman ofisyel progranm klib Mize Listwar Natirel


Klib Mize Listwar Natirel in ofisyelman lans son progranm aktivite pour sa lannen. Sa ti deroul dan en pti seremoni ki ti fer Sanmdi le 25 Fevriye 2017 dan prezans bann etidyan serten lekol primer ek segonder, bann manm aktyel Klib Mize, ansennyan Wildlife Club e osi en group trwazyenm-az distrik Bel Air ek bann liders SNYC (Konsey Nasyonal Lazenes) ...

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Promoting Seychelles’ language and heritage through fashion


Seychelles’ heritage is being promoted through a recently launched clothing collection that embraces two of the country’s native species – the giant tortoise and the coco de mer. Called Seylingo, the fashion brand encompasses the Seychellois’ language, folklore, heritage and culture. Ronny Julius, 28, hailing from Anse Aux Pins, in the east of Mahe, is the founder of the Seylingo clothing brand. Julius ...

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