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Seychelles bids farewell to journalist Kevin Malbrook, remembered as passionate defender of freedom of expression


The acclaimed Seychellois journalist and television presenter Kevin Malbrook was laid to rest on Friday at the parish of Ste. Marie Madeleine at Takamaka, a district in the south of Mahe. The media community in the island nation was shocked Wednesday with the announcement of the death of Malbrook. The 49-year old who was ill for sometime, died at the ...

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Mizisyen Leonard Arnephy i zwenn son dernyen demer

Leonard Arnephy

Fanmir ek zanmi mizisyen Leonard Arnephy ti dir li en dernyen orevwar yer. Sa mizisyen tre talante ti mor Zedi le 20 Oktob. I ti ne le 17 Me 1971. Leonard ti zwe kibord dan group Emotions e i ti perform dan plizyer lotel. Seremoni lanterman sa mizisyen ti fer yer legliz Sainte Marie, Grand Anse Mahé e son lekor ...

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Bassist Keren Jeannevol passes away


Seychelles has lost another talented musician. Bassist Keren Jeannevol passed away on Sunday afternoon in the intensive care unit of the Seychelles Hospital after a short illness He played bass with the Laflanm band, before joining the Zenith band. Most recently he was part of the Pa Pou Anpandan band which accompanies famous singer Philip Toussaint on his tours of ...

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Marlene Lionnet dies in car accident


Marlene Lionnet died yesterday afternoon in a tragic accident at Anse Aux Pins. According to the police, Mrs Lionnet was a passenger in a Kia Picanto, driven by her 35-year-old grandson. They were heading south. She was certified dead at the Casualty unit of the Seychelles Hospital at around 4.30pm. Apparently the driver lost control of the car which hit ...

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Quadriplegic artist Daniel Boudane passes away


Daniel Boudane, a local artist who had been confined to a wheelchair for many years, passed away earlier this week. Mr Boudane, who became quadriplegic following an accident 25 years ago, was able to continue painting using his mouth and teeth to manoeuvre the paint brushes he used. This he was able to do when he still could to pass ...

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Music legend Prince dead at 57


(AFP) – Prince, whose pioneering brand of danceable funk and virtuoso talents made him one of the most influential figures in music, died Thursday at his secluded compound in Minnesota, aged 57. It comes just a week after the enigmatic Grammy and Oscar winner — acclaimed for his guitar skills and soaring falsetto — was taken to hospital with a ...

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Sesel i perdi en pionye dan literatir


Sesel in perdi enn bann dimoun ki’n fer en kontribisyon enorm dan domenn literatir Kreol. Regina Melanie ti mor Mardi sa semenn a laz 83-an. I kit deryer wit zanfan – senk garson ek trwa fiy. A en tre zenn az madanm Melanie pa ti tro enterese avek lekol me pli tar i ti realiz son lenportans. Apre ki i ...

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Mort de Michel Delpech, chanteur français emblématique des années 70


De “Chez Laurette” à “Quand j’étais chanteur”, le chanteur français Michel Delpech, mort samedi à 69 ans, a su capter le parfum des années 60/70 avec des refrains nostalgiques devenus des tubes qui font aujourd’hui partie du patrimoine populaire. Ancienne idole hippie, cet artiste à la voix douce a connu la gloire mais aussi la dépression, une longue traversée du ...

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Basis Jerry Etienne i kit nou…


Lemonn lanmizik Sesel in perdi enn son pli bon zwer gitar bas. Sa se Jerry Etienne. Jerry ti mor Mardi le 6 Zanvye apre ki i ti’n enplike dan en aksidan loto Beau Bel le 3 Zanvye ver 6er30 bomaten. Aze 30-an, Jerry ti mor dan Younit Swen Entansif kot Lopital Sesel kot i ti’n admit depi zour ki i ...

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