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Youth Health- Ask Dr Adeline

dr-adelineIs SEX really better without Protection?

Is a few minutes of pleasure worth risking your LIFE for?

There comes a point in every youth’s life when you are faced with life changing decisions, from changing to a new look to choosing a lifetime career of your choice. But very few take time to ponder on the notion of how dangerous unprotected sex can be.

lineThis month’s ‘Youth Health’segment brings you some of the dangers of unprotected sex and why SEX without protection ONCE can become life altering and perhaps even deadly.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or Diseases (STD)  & HIV Aids

Unprotected sex and multiple sex partners place you at higher risk for STI /STD including HIV (the virus that causes Aids). Many have no symptoms when you are first infected, so you may have an infection without knowing it. As responsible youths, if you have had unprotected sex, be sure to do your STI screen at the Youth Health Centre (4388562) or Communicable Disease Control Unit (4388230).

Some STI/STD even, if remained untreated, can permanently damage your sexual reproductive organs, making it difficult to have kids later, and other such diseases as HIV Aids may eventually lead to more complicated illnesses and even death!

Getting informed and getting the right information

A lack of knowledge of safe sexual habits can also ultimately be as dangerous as having unprotected sex. Getting the information from a credible source and always asking questions about sexual topics can definitely save your life despite at times being a bit awkward and embarrassing.

But if you are sexually active or considering having sex, not knowing about STIs is dangerous. Get the facts from someone who knows, whether it’s a parent, brother or sister, health care professional or teacher.

Unplanned/unwanted pregnancies

As a youth, right now, your priorities lie in focusing on studies and further developing your capabilities. If you are sexually active, condoms can protect you from both STIs and unplanned pregnancies, which can potentially derail you and your partner’s plans for the future.

Food for Thought:

You can get an STI or HIV from not using protection (condom) even ONCE! So the choice of protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections as opposed to only a few minutes of pleasure during unprotected sexual intercourse is one to seriously consider. As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’, in some cases of which there are no cure! The choice is yours…

Use condoms. Protect yourself and your FUTURE!

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