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Seychelles Creole cuisine App launched

UntitledAce Media, the promoters of SEALife Seychelles, has once again made history by launching a Seychelles and world first, an App for Seychelles Creole cuisine.

The app, which has been in development for the last two years, has been launched in the Apple I-tunes Store, Google Play for Android phones as well as on the Amazon Store. The app is thus available to all I-phone and I-pad users and all Android phone users worldwide.

However, Google Play does not permit purchases of paid apps from users in Seychelles. Android phone users can purchase from the Amazon store. ACE Media is working with Google to change this.

The Seychelles Creole cuisine app, which costs US $1.30 to download consists of 50 plus of the most popular and well known creole dish recipes that can be found on most Seychellois family dinner tables at most meals. Each recipe comes complete with a picture, a list of ingredients and detailed step-by-step instructions, making it easy even for the complete amateur to prepare creole dishes ‘à la Seychelloise’.

Commenting on the launch of the App, a representative of ACE Media, Caroline Chetty, said:

“The app has been in the making for a while now. The longest part of this process was collecting recipes from family and friends, as we wanted to make the same recipes available as close to what is cooked at home rather than what you experience in restaurants and hotels.  We had to test the recipes and take photos as well and this delightful part of the journey was very enjoyable.”

“We have started with 50 recipes but will be adding more. We shall also be adding a category called ‘Fusion’ which will feature dishes with have been imported and adapted to the Seychelles culture but which cannot exactly be classified as ‘real creole cuisine’.

Why an App?
“Apps are the way to go,” according to ACE Media. “We live in a digitally connected world and an app which makes the Creole cuisine available at your finger tips anytime, anywhere, is by far a better proposition than a cookery book”.

“Unlike conventional cookery books, apps do not get dirty, lost, or stolen or borrowed and never returned especially by friends! In addition as we shall be adding recipes along the way, the app will always be constantly updated, a process you cannot obviously achieve with a book. New versions of the app will always be free to download by anyone who has bought the app. If you lose or change your smart device, you will always be able to download your purchased app using your id, like with any other app, without charge,” added ACE Media.

Who is the App targeted at?
“We got the idea of doing the app for Seychelles Creole Cuisine from various blogs and on social media followed by Seychellois all over the world. We were astonished by some of the requests made by fellow Seychellois asking each other to share recipes of some of the most basic stuff. Such as how to cook lentils, or make a spinach broth.

“The envisaged audience is anyone across the globe who has an interest in Creole dishes from the Seychelles. We reckon it will go down well with young people setting up home, Seychellois living overseas, our visitors who develop a love for our food, inhabitants of our sister islands in the Indian Ocean and generally the rest of the creole world,” said Caroline Chetty.

Why does one have to pay for the App?
With most Apps, you either pay or get Apps with limited access and if they are free, they are normally supported by adverts that can be quite annoying.

We have preferred to make the App a paying one for two main reasons. Firstly, it has cost us a considerable amount of money to make the App and we need to recoup these costs. Secondly, we wanted our audience to enjoy using the App with unlimited access and without being bothered by adverts.

At US $1.30, this equates to approximately SR18 at the current rate of exchange and we consider this extremely good value. A printed version of a book even with only 50 recipes to start would cost you in excess of SR100 as printing and distribution of books is expensive.

Like for all cuisines worldwide, there are often variances in the cooking method and each individual has preference for certain ingredients. Our methods and ingredients used follow as close as possible to traditional methods and we can assure our customers who download the App that the results are ‘authentic creole dishes with that distinct Seychellois taste’.

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