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In 1977,  for the first time in  the Republic of Seychelles’ history, culture

was integrated in a Government Ministry or Department.

In 1979,the systematic collection of oral traditions and history started with a small group of youth based at La Bastille.

The Development Plan of 1990 to 1994 noted that since traditions form an integral part of the cultural identity of the Seychellois Nation and its history they must be preserved and therefore have to be researched, documented and made accessible to all.

One of the most effective means for the diffusion of culture worldwide today is through audio-visual means. Seychelles has yet to develop and reassert its own strategy to diffuse its  unique and rich kreol culture in this  globalised world.

The role of the Research Unit in the Culture Department is to sensitize and to  raise cultural awareness particularly through the use of the media.

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