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Conservatoire of Performing Arts

National Conservatoire of Performing Arts


Headed by its Director, Mr. Pierre Joseph, the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts (NCPA) is home to one of the most thriving college and training institution in the country. In fact, it is the only training and learning centre in the Seychelles offering specialist courses in Dance, Music, and Drama to candidates ranging from ages four to sixty-six.

Students take on programmed courses that guide them from basic theory and practical levels of beginner’s standard to more advanced content every year. Teachers and parents assist them to sit examinations of international repute when they are ready.

The value of the conservatoire, however, does not remain with the singularity of its affiliation with Associated Boards and International Examination Bodies. Alongside the two examination bodies of the United Kingdom for music (ABRSM) and dance (ISTD), the NCPA is also running a local programme based on the traditional music and dance of Seychelles.

The mission of the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts is to provide

education and training in music, dance and drama by running courses and organizing theoretical and practical examinations. We are committed to render the service in a disciplined, efficient and professional manner to any individual aged seven years old and above for professional and self-development.  We are committed to providing the services with a caring attitude to clients. Attending to clients needs with promptness and probity; displaying professionalism in our approaches; being courteous towards every client and addressing client’s problem with confidentiality, openness and frankness.

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