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Overview of the National Archiveskafe

Seychelles National Archives is the official guardian of historical and government documents. We collect, store and conserve our history. Our holdings include the originals of the treaty of capitulation, government files, maps, paintings, photos, film, audio, stamps and money etc…

The Seychelles National Archives also record history and documents during Seychelles colonization leading up to the independence.

Many different people and organizations, including family historians, academics, legal researchers, professional historians and genealogists use the materials held at our institution.

For more information on the history of the Seychelles National Archives, please go to SNA’s History section or go to SNA Core Functions section to know about the various sections and its functions in the Seychelles National Archives.


Our vision for 2012 is to become Seychelles prime centre for historical research.


The mission of the Seychelles National Archives is to collect, preserve and make accessible archival documents of enduring value through the use of the latest information technology.


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