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National Heritage Research Section

The National Heritage Research Section (NHRS), formerly known as the Oral Tradition Section, was created in 1980. It is a Section within the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Social Development and Culture.
The Section initially focused on the collection and documentation of the oral tradition and folklore of Seychelles. It has now evolved into 3 major sub-units: The Oral Tradition and Anthropology sub-unit, the Cultural Site Management sub-unit and the Documentation sub-unit.
The NHRS has researched extensively in most fields of the Seychellois cultural heritage. This includes Seychellois habitat, traditional medicine, traditional fishing, traditional industries, Seychellois folklore, (songs, dances, folklores, riddles, legends, myths), the cultural sites and built heritage of Seychelles, the traditional culinary art of Seychelles, the traditional musical instruments of Seychelles, as well as the maritime heritage of Seychelles.
The NHRS organizes various types of programmes. This includes public lectures, cultural site management programmes, media programmes, and publications, including collaborative research programmes with international agencies from the USA, France, UK, Mauritius, Germany, Italy, Kenya, and Madagascar.
The NHRS also acts as a consultancy agency in cultural matters such as the National Monuments Board of Seychelles, traditional medicine of Seychelles, and the Kreol language.
It provides a considerable amount of information to the public (both national and international) pertaining to cultural matters. Finally, the National Heritage is the executive arm of the National Monuments Board of Seychelles.
The NHRS has the mission of collecting, researching, documenting, disseminating and promoting the Seychelles tangible and intangible heritage. The programme is aimed at the general public both local and international, so as to perpetuate the traditional knowledge of the Seychellois people.
Dissemination Program
Media, publication, lectures exhibitions, guided tours … on both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Seychelles in order to create public awareness on the cultural heritage of Seychelles.
Cultural Sites Management Program
Site inventory, renovation, maintenance, reanimation and promotion.
Networking Program
Link up with other international bodies involved in the preservation of cultural heritage, for the exchange of researched material, publications, and also for the funding of projects and training of research personnel.
Documentation Program
Acquisition and proper documentation of cultural materials such as publications and audio-visual materials and artefacts.
Training Program
Link with appropriate training institutions both locally and internationally for the training of NHRS personnel with the aim of equipping the National Heritage Research Section with more professional researchers so as to improve the quality of its output.
Research Program
Conduct research in the oral traditions, undertake inventories of both the intangible and tangible cultural heritage (cultural artefacts, potential monuments, and cultural sites, anthropological and archaeological studies) in order to enrich the existing database.
The Section also has a resourceful DOCUMENTATION CENTRE with the availability of various documents and photographs based on the research carried out throughout the years, gathered information from other sources such as newspaper clippings,
reference books relating to cultural fields, audio cassettes on life history, videos and a collection of artifacts.
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