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National Museums

The National Museums

The National Museum started as an outgrowth of the National Archives in 1965.  The last 38 years have witnessed a dramatic transformation of the National Museum into an active institution.  The change gave rise to the creation of the History Museum in 1996, followed by the Natural History Museum in 1997.  The new museums were given new missions in order to provide interactive displays and to reach out to the community.

In reaching out to the community, the museums organise various activities during the school holidays, and in addition, travelling exhibitions in the districts.  Such activities have the objective of educating the children and the public on the necessity to preserve the natural and historical heritage of Seychelles for coming generations.

As an institution responsible to society for the proper care, interpretation and preservation of items of the cultural and natural heritage, the National Museum has the mandate to develop other museums and services that it deems necessary for the development of culture.


The mission of the National Museum is to provide to the general public an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of our historical and natural heritage through effective museum services.

The National Museum comprises of:

National History Museum

Natural History Museum


Provide support and related services to museums

Facilitate the creation of both public and private museums

Develop policies for the efficient functioning of museums


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