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The Treasure on ‘Moyenne’ Island

…..“Clearing the cemetery, I had discovered a square of coral concrete only a few feet from the graves and so one evening decided to take a spade and find out if anything was buried underneath”……..


“…….I found charcoal on the surface and wondered who, all those years ago, had lit a fire by the graves…”


“Four years after the incident I was relating the history of the happenings in the cemetery and mentioned the charcoal.

It had an astonishing effect on one Seychellois visitor who got quite excited and asked if I didn’t know the local beliefs, adding that if a person dreams about a treasure then they can dig and find it but if anyone else digs then they will find specifically charcoal and nothing else(Grimshaw 1996:55-56) ? .

The owner of Moyenne Island recounts how a six-year old girl living on on Mahé had dreamed of two graves, a mango tree at the foot of the graves and a treasure nearby. She had never been to Moyenne.

The first owners of Moyenne are said to have been Melidor Louange and Julie Chifonne who were the children of freed slaves and to have been given the island when they married in 1850. Melidor, a carpenter was 17 years old while his wife Julie; a seamstress was 16 years old then.

When they sold the island in 1892 they mentioned the “pirate’s graves” in their deeds……..

“….at the precise moment my spade touched the coral concrete .two large coconuts fell with a thud and rolled close to where I was standing”, the author recounts in his book ‘A Grain of Sand”!

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