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Anse Etoile school welcomes Japanese delegation

1japanLast Friday was a special day for the pupils and staff of Anse Etoile primary school as they welcomed a Japanese delegation to their school.

The group of teachers and pupils from Kashiwano primary school arrived in Seychelles the day before and they were led by the chairman of the Japanese Seychelles Association, Professor Watanabe, and Kashiwano´s primary school principal, Mr Shiomi.

All started about two years ago through active involvement in the eco-school competition and the wildlife clubs. Professor Watanabe showed a great interest and the contact started there.

2japanShane Emilie, the environment coordinator at the Ministry of Education, was the facilitator.

So far the two schools have been engaged in different exchange activities, especially drawings, autobiographies, posters and poems.

Their visit to Anse Etoile school started with a special assembly. After the national anthems of the two countries had been played, the Seychellois children gave a demonstration of their traditional dance and gave an explanation about the two countries’ flags.

The morning activities were followed by lunch in the school´s dining hall, a briefing by head teacher Daniella Antat, and touring of the school.

In order to benefit from this cultural and language exchange, the Japanese students and teachers also spent one night with a Seychellois family. The host families were parents and students from the school.

3japanThe following day, Saturday August 1, the Japanese delegation visited Bird Island, before flying back to their homeand the following day, Sunday August 2.

“It was a short visit, but a great experience and a concrete moment to share environmental education experience between Kashiwano and Anse Etoile primary schools,” said Mr Emilie.

The accompanying photos show highlights of the delegation’s visit to Anse Etoile primary school.

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