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CBS to build disaster recovery building

DSC_6465The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) is in the process of enhancing its business continuity framework, offering business continuity options to other financial institutions and increasing its office space capacity as there is space constraint at the CBS building. A disaster recovery building will be required to be designed for this process.

Therefore firms have been invited to tender for the designing of a disaster recovery building to meet the requirements of the CBS as detailed in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

All tenderers must produce a concept design of a fit for purpose disaster recovery building including a secure vault, currency operations area (functional during crisis), other features described in Annex II and a general layout of the building security; provide a layout of key components of the plan that will be developed (false floor, secure vault, server room etc.)

The successful firm should submit to the CBS the fully developed concept design which must have been approved by the planning authority; provide detailed information how the building would be secured e.g. physical/intrusion movement; monitor the actual project during construction phase to ensure that same is being undertaken in accordance with the approved plan.

The key criteria, which will be used to evaluate responses to the RFP include eligibility to participate in the tender; firm’s independence from CBS; experience in designing similar plan for banking institutions and/or other institutions of a similar nature; available resources to undertake the exercise; perceived commitment of the firm to the exercise; quality of tender documentation received and perceived understanding by the firm of CBS’ requirements; standard terms and condition submitted and total cost of the proposal.

Enquiries regarding this RFP and the project may be directed to the following point of contact:

Mr Russel Moustache,

Building and Project Manager,

Central Bank of Seychelles,

P.O.Box 701,

Independence Avenue,

Victoria, Mahé,


Telephone:248 282018.Email: Cc Email:

Tender documents, whether mailed or hand-delivered, must reach the CBS no later than 4pm Seychelles time on Monday November 7, 2016.

Tenders submitted in facsimile form will not be accepted.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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