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Civil Society offers input to Cap Ternay development

ccapThe civil society has offered its input and involvement in the setting up and operations of the proposed Blue Economy Research Institute to be built at Cap Ternay.

The proposal has been made by the Citizens Engagement Platform of Seychelles (Ceps), organisation which regroups all of the country’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It follows a similar one made by the youth, whereby the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) and the Seychelles Youth Action Hub (SYAH) have also expressed the wish to be part of the development.

The SYAH was present at the Coral Strand Hotel at Beau Vallon yesterday morning, where Ceps presented its development ideas to its members. Other NGOs represented and which desire to partner the initiative were Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S), Port Glaud Environmental Club, Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA), the Scouts Association and Centre d’Accueil de la Rosière (Car). After the presentation, Ceps hosted the representatives to a boat tour of the Baie Ternay National Park, where they could discover the marine as well as terrestrial riches of the area.

According to Ceps’ project manager Michel Pierre, the objective of the civil society is to bring its participation in terms of facilities and also financing. The facilities it would like included are a research centre, a recycling centre, a reform school, a non-denominational hall, a ten-room eco-lodge, accommodation for staff and volunteers as well as other temporary accommodation facilities, a restaurant, a picnic area, sports facilities, a clinic and a shop.

“Added to the Blue Economy Institute and facilities for the youth which government is proposing, we want to add other facilities and services as the civil society’s involvement. The expected result is an integrated approach in the management of Cap Ternay,” Mr Pierre said.

He has further revealed that Ceps’ proposal is receiving the financial backing of the Geneva-based international Oak Foundation, which finances projects of global, social and environmental concern. As part of the support, Ceps is benefitting from the advice and consultancy of Jonathan Ledgard, the director of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Known as the Swiss Federal Research Institute in English, The high learning institution enjoys the status of a research university.

Mr Pierre has added that Ceps has already met with two key ministers in the future development of Cap Ternay, whom he says have welcomed the civil society’s idea. Those are the Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy Jean-Paul Adam and the Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change Didier Dogley.

The next step is to meet with other stakeholders like the University of Seychelles (UniSey), the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat.

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