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Defence Forces Day

vpExhibition traces history of SPDF

The evolution of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF) is being showcased through an exhibition of pictures organised as part of activities to mark Defence Forces Day.

Defence Forces Day is celebrated annually since 1982 on November 25 to celebrate the victory of the SPDF over a group of mercenaries who came to attack the country.

Among other activities to mark Defence Forces Day this year are a wreath laying ceremony at the Victory Monument at Pointe Larue and community work.

A mass was held on Sunday to kick-start the activities.

Present at the opening of the exhibition yesterday at the Espace building were Vice-President Danny Faure, Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet, Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rosette, among other invited guests and members of the defence forces.

It was Lt Col. Rosette who had the honour of officially opening the exhibition.

“This exhibition traces back our history since our creation in 1977. It demonstrates our transformation from the Seychelles People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) to the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF). This professional force is self-motivated and very motivated to defend our country,” he said.

vpfaureHe added that since the formation of the defence forces in Seychelles many changes have been undertaken to develop the condition and abilities of its members.

“Like any other forces in the world, the SPDF has seen many changes and adaptation, we went through different stages, yes we had some rigid moments but we are still solid and still present to celebrate our Defence Forces Day,” added  Lt Col. Rosette.

He pointed out that the existence of defence forces is not just to create war but to bring peace and harmony among the population and also to safeguard the country and its people and to contribute towards the development of the country.

This year the SPDF decided to produce an official calendar for the year 2016 in the form of desk planner, which will be distributed to all SPDF officers.

The first copy of the calendar was given to VP Faure by Brigadier Payet.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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