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Disabled people urged to become more independent


Delegates during practical sessions of the training

Disabled peope are being encouraged to be more independent and venture into small businesses as a means of employment.

This is through a two-week training workshop being organised by the National Council for the Disabled (NCFD) for people with disabilities.

The workshop, which was officially opened yesterday morning, will go until July 30 at the Plaisance district administration office for the central two region.

In her speech to launch the workshop, the acting director general for programme development and special events in the community development department, Bettymai sofa, called on those taking part in the workshop programmes not only to amass knowledge for themselves, but also to share it with those around them.

“Today we want to teach you how to work at home, and we want to give you the skills to venture into small businesses as a means of employment. This two-week workshop will give you all the skills you need to share with other people, or even with family,” she told the delegates.

The executive secretary of the NCFD Celine Fanchette said that people with disabilities should not be cast away.

“Our aim is to ensure people with disabilities are made to feel they are part of our society, that they too have their rights and responsibilities and should not be cast aside,” she said.

Irene Aglae, who is voluntarily working with people with disabilities and in charge of the central two region, was very pleased to see so many delegates taking part in the workshop.

“Disabled people have lots of potential, and empowering them in activities they can do really brings remarkable changes in them. After this two-week workshop they will be able to venture in different businesses or even start their own business at home,” she said.

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