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Festive spirit at hospital

1hospitalPatients on all wards at the Seychelles hospital on Thursday morning received  gifts which were distributed by the Minister for Health Mitcy Larue and the hospital management staff.

The young patients on the Children’s Ward were very happy to receive their toys from the minister in the company of Santa Claus, while the Hospital Choir added to the festive ambiance with some Christmas songs.

It has become customary now that on Christmas Eve the minister and her team tour the wards and give gifts to all patients.

Minister Larue said this is because it is a time for joy and love and therefore they need to share this moment with the patients.

“When they are in the hospital they need some support and compassion and as the minister I make it my duty to bring the happiness and love to the hearts of the patients and their family and also our staff. I think this is important as it sends a message of love,” she said.

She is urging the family members and friends of the patients to bring support, love or even gifts to them as they are in need of it during this occasion.

Coincidentally the Seychelles Commercial Bank (SCB) was doing the same gesture for the first time but with hampers.

2hospitalSCB has in the past given hampers to all new born on January 1 of each year.

This year, SCB management decided to start with a new mission to give back to the community by presenting a small fruit hamper to all patients in the hospital.

They started their rounds in the pediatric ward where the youngest patients are.

The administration and human resources manager of SCB Bernadette Denis, along with her senior administration officer Tracey Pool and Vanessa Crea, the office manager, presented the hampers to the patients on behalf of SCB and its management.

Peggy Bouchereau, the mother of 16-month-old Harvey Bouchereau was very grateful for the gifts her son received and hopes that they will be out of the hospital before New Year.

“This is very nice and kind of them to come see us when we are very sick especially on this festive occasion and I thank them for the gifts and hamper also,” she said.

Staff from Dhevatara Properties were also present to distribute gifts to the children in hospital.

Cecil Mondon and Janette Hoareau, representatives of Dhevatara Properties, said  it is the fourth year in a row that they bring Christmas gifts to the children in the pediatric ward.

Accompanying them was a group of carolers who volunteered their time to come and sing for the children.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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