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Free diabetes camp a success as many turn up

Dr Binu Pillai with Dr PillayMany turned up for tests during a free one-day diabetes camp organised by the Diabetic Society of Seychelles in association with Dr Murthys Clinic and Dr Agarwals Eye hospital yesterday morning at Dr Murthy’s clinic.

“This event coincides with the second year of remembrance of the passing of my father Mr Deenu Pillay who was the founder of the Diabetic Society of Seychelles. We brought in a Diabetic and Hormone Specialist, Dr Binu Pillai, to run the diabetes camp. It is in our mandate to bring different specialists from various parts of the world based on the demand of the Seychellois,” said Dr Murthy.

Yesterday, more than 100 people did their blood sugar tests, blood pressure, eye tests, weight index and other basic tests to know their health status.

“It is a good camp as we are helping people to know their status and help them become more aware of their health status. We also want to educate people on how to prevent diabetes, which is becoming a major problem in Seychelles. Some people who came were already diabetic, and showed concern over what medicine they should take. Diabetes is more than just only medicine; it is a way of life that we need to change. If we get the right info, this disease can be prevented,”  added Dr Murthy.

He hopes to be able to run such camp every year for the Seychellois community.

Dr Binu Pillai, who is an endocrinologist (Diabetic and Hormone Specialist), will be mainly seeing patients with the following problems: diabetes (adults, children and pregnant women), cysts in ovaries, erectile dysfunction, obesity due to hormone disorder, delayed and early puberty, male breast enlargement, calcium and Vit D disorders leading to bone problems such as osteoporosis and other metabolic and hormone disorders.

He is receiving patients till this Saturday for paid consultancy.


Source : Seychelles NATION

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