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Health Minister Mitcy Larue’s message on the occasion of International Nurses Day

larue‘Nurses be the force for change in the care effective, cost effective’ ethos’

Nurses have the ability to drive efficient and effective improvement in the provision of quality care and attaining optimal patient and population outcomes.

Health Minister Mitcy Larue said this in her message on the occasion of International Nurses Day today – May 12, 2015.

The minister’s message reads:

“Today, May 12, 2015, nurses of Seychelles join their colleagues worldwide to celebrate the International Nurses Day. It is once again a great pleasure for me to celebrate the day with them.

“I would like to start by congratulating all nurses on their special day, and again take this opportunity to thank them for being instrumental to the progress in the health and well-being of the people of Seychelles and also the development of the health system.

“This year, the theme chosen by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) is ‘Nurses a Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective’. This theme places emphasis on the position and ability of nurses, as the single largest profession in the health workforce, to drive efficient and effective improvement in the provision of quality care and attaining optimal patient and population outcomes.

“The ‘Care Effective, Cost Effective’ theme has been chosen because of the huge financial burden that the rising cost of healthcare is placing on the health systems and population globally. The ICN calls on nurses at all levels and policy makers to focus efforts on creating and strengthening systems to facilitate the nursing contributions to this effect.

“The belief that decisions nurses make multiple times a day in everyday practice can make a vital difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system is widespread. This is thought to be largely grounded on the fact that nurses comprehend the context of healthcare delivery including financing, cost effectiveness, resource management, cost of healthcare and access to care.

“I therefore join the ICN in believing that nurses are at the core of attaining the ‘quality/access/cost balance’ and emphasising on the need to support nursing roles in a ‘care effective and cost effective’ healthcare systems as a key priority and determinant for achieving equity, delivering universal health coverage and ultimately improving health outcomes globally.

“Seychelles like other small island developing states is facing a challenge to finance healthcare due to the global rise in cost. I cannot refrain from taking all opportunities, especially on this important day to express deep recognition to all nurses and midwives who are sensitive to this challenge. I commend your cost conscious contributions in caring for the population as well as in contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

This year the ‘Care Effective, Cost Effective’ theme is significant for health as it shifts to sustainable development goals.

“My message for the nurses is 2014 illustrated my belief in the ability of teamwork through effective nursing leadership to bring effective changes in healthcare delivery. Today I reiterate this belief and trust that the continued reform in the health system provides the platform for ‘Nurses to be the force for change in the Care Effective, Cost Effective’ ethos.

“Let me reassure all nurses and midwives that the health system reform pursues to support your effort as you strive to empower yourself to better comprehend the context of cost effectiveness in health. The theme chosen by the ICN to celebrate nurses’ day this year is closely linked to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) areas for consideration in examining cost in healthcare.  In 2013, the OECD directed our attention to the hefty and growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including mental health disorders, ageing societies, innovations of expensive treatments and techniques, and increasing demands of clients as influencers of cost of healthcare.

“On this note, I would like to call on nurses to take a moment to reflect on these influencers of the rising cost in healthcare.  Reflect on how every nurse and midwife at all levels can become more engaged and focused on their individual practices and general nursing and midwifery roles in the attainment of a care effective and cost effective healthcare system.

“I wish all nurses and midwives of Seychelles a happy Nurses’ Day and a prosperous career. Enjoy your day as you celebrate personal and professional achievements.”

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