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IOT employees donate blood for a good cause

iotThirty-three Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT) staff recently donated blood in response to the continuous drive to ensure there is enough of this precious and indispensable life-saving component in stock. This remarkable number of blood donors is a first in Seychelles for the organisation.

In Seychelles, blood is required by people who find themselves in various perilous situations. They include among others, accident victims, babies born with jaundice, burnt patients, patients with cancer or kidney problems, patients with anaemia or sickle cell disease or people with blood not able to clot – an ailment known has haemophilia.

The blood donation took place at the IOT training room morning in the presence of the general manager (GM) Joram Madnack.

This is the second time IOT organises such an activity to give back to the Seychelles’ community. The last time the company organised a blood donation it however only managed to get around nine IOT staff for the honourable gesture.

GM Madnack said IOT does not only put tuna in a can, but always try to help the community by doing different kinds of activities that will beneficiate the country.

“We have 52 staff who responded to the blood donation camp, and that is a very impressive number of people. We organised such activity because of the low response we have seen at the national level for blood donation. And we need more than that. We managed to encourage all of our people. We talked to them and asked them if they could take part in that honourable gesture.  We want to organise such activity annually. We have the potential to support the community at IOT, by every year organising the blood campaign movement,” he said.

Industrial process improvement manger Lambert Albert, who took part in the blood donation, was really proud to have been able to donate blood for a good cause.

“I am representing my company and letting people know that donating blood is a good gesture which can save a life and even a member of your own family. I always wanted to give blood, and this is my first time doing so,” he said.

An IOT spokesperson has said the company has always been trying to improve and help the community by organising many kinds of activities. He added that IOT is not just a business but also a company willing to go that step forward and improving the life of its employees and the life of the community in Seychelles. In this vein many companies should learn from IOT and also help the community.

Anyone with good general health, with body weight not less than 50kg and between the ages of 16-63 years (both male and female) can donate blood. Another important requirement is that the donor has to be in Seychelles for at least three months before donating blood.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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