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Island Fitness Club supports Cancer Concern Association

cancerIsland Fitness Club has donated a cheque for R32,560 in support of the Cancer Concern Association  (CCA).

The cheque was handed over to the CCA chairman Bishop French Chang Him by the youngest member of the Island Fitness Club, seven-year-old Ellie Volcère, who is also the daughter of the club’s owner Vincent Volcère.

This was during a short ceremony held recently at the club at Belonie.

Mr Volcère noted how proud the club is in supporting the CCA.

“I would like to thank all the members of the club who went out there looking for sponsors, and today we are honoured to make this donation to the CCA,” he said.

“We felt it was important to support this campaign, which will make a positive impact in the lives of many people suffering from cancer,” he added.

Bishop French thanked Island Fitness Club for such a wonderful gesture.

“We are grateful for this donation which will benefit many people living with cancer and make a significant difference in and improvement to the quality of life for many cancer concern victims,” Bishop French added.

Two years ago Island Fitness Club donated a sum of R30,000 to the CCA.

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