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It’s ‘playtime’!

photo-5Playtime.Seychelles recently received a consignment of Christmas gifts which it has in turn donated to children in several orphanages and elsewhere.

The gifts are a donation from Swedish toy company Lekia AB Sweden. Playtime.Seychelles’ chairperson Gunilla Holmberg and treasurer Michelle Fock-Yune have distributed the gifts and candy bags to the Mont Fleuri creche, Foyer de la Providence, St. Elizabeth Convent and Foyer de Nazareth.

Playtime.Seychelles has also donated toys to the paediatric ward playroom at the Seychelles Hospital and to some children attending a Christmas party at National House.

One hundred and sixty (160) Christmas gifts were donated to social affairs to be distributed to children in several districts. Districts involved were Perseverance 1-2, English River, St Louis, Bel Air and Mont Buxton.

The Child Protection Unit also received some gifts.

The gifts were picked up by Noreen Sinon, a social worker and also committee member of Playtime.Seychelles.

Playtime.Seychelles hopes all children had a Merry Christmas and that every child had a little “playtime” at Christmas.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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