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Le Duc de Praslin furthers its efforts towards greener methods

Le Duc Hotel PraslinLe Duc de Praslin is currently a leading example for hotels in Seychelles based on its ongoing effort to push forth a more sustainable and greener tourism model which is set to blossom this year based on the hotel’s continuous efforts to bring forward safer and greener tourism practices.

The award-winning hotel launched their new PV system earlier this month and is gearing up to further reduce its carbon footprint by tripling this power production in the near future.  It is planning several other projects to set the locomotive towards a greener concept for the hotel .

Owned by Robert Payet, Le Duc de Praslin, which is situated on the low plateaus of Cote D’or is already lighted using only LED bulbs and is programmed to reach its goal of switching to 100 percent invertor air conditioning systems by the end of 2017.

This cooling system is said to be both energy saving and has a quieter operation compared to traditional air conditioning compressors.

The introduction of the Magna pool a couple years back which was the first ever of its kind in Seychelles is indeed a unique selling point for the hotel which comes with great health benefits and harmonises further with nature based on a more environmentally friendly filtration system free of chlorine.

Le Duc de Praslin also has plans to build its own sewage treatment plant due to low placement issues and this is scheduled to provide a more appropriate way of managing the hotels waste water.

According to Mr Payet, such plans are both cost effective and are great marketing points to its clients who are often conscious about such sustainable practices as well as setting the pace for other hotels to follow in its foot path.

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