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Maritime school hosts open day – Students learn about career options in the maritime sector

2marineStudents learned to value the importance of career opportunities in the Seychelles maritime sector through an open day held yesterday at the Maritime Training Centre (MTC).

Secondary three and four (S3-S4) students from across the country, and students from the School of Advanced Level studies (Sals) were present during this activity which is part of Careers Week.

The objective is to provide students with necessary information, advice and guidance to make informed choices about a career in the maritime sector.

The students were able to take part in various group activities which included a guided tour of the school grounds and facilities, such as the mechanical engineering workshop and artisanal fishing workshop.

They were also able to attend interactive classes where they could get a feel of the learning environment.

3marineThe lecturers stressed on how having an interest, aptitude and passion for a course at the institution can lead to prosperous careers within our Blue economy.

The school had organised for other partners to help with this event to enhance the interest of the students. These partners included the Blue economy department, the Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec), the Global Vision International (GVI), Green Island Foundation (GIF) and the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD).

There were representatives present from each organisation to develop motivation in the learners through open group discussions and presentations to establish the links between studies, training and career options.

Captain Anura Herath, director of MTC, said that the institution has invited S3, S4 and A-level students who are aiming for a career in the maritime sector, to show them the modern facilities and also give them the chance to talk to highly qualified and professional staff members so that they can get all the necessary information about careers in that sector.

1marineHe also noted that a student can qualify from certificate to diploma level in the training programmes available in navigation, fisheries and marine mechanic, and the courses are internationally recognised as Seychelles has recently been added to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) White list.

“This is a great achievement. And because of that, all other marine courses are recognised by the other countries and all Seychellois seafarers are able to join foreign flagged vessels and they can bring a lot of revenue and income to Seychelles,” he said.

Capt. Herath said that next year the school plans to increase its intake by 50% by introducing new marine courses so that Seychellois can obtain higher qualifications.

Isa Sophie, an S3 student at Pointe Larue who plans to follow a course in marine mechanics at MTC, found the visit to be very interesting, exciting and inspiring.

“There are students who have never visited the school, now we had our chance and it was fun. If you manage to become a student in this school, you already know what it is exactly you are aiming to do and your objective in life,” she said.

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