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Ministry dedicated to meeting teachers’ professional needs

_DSC7450Secondary teachers are being empowered with skills and resources for the effective delivery of IGCSE first Language English and Geography.

This is through a two-day training workshop being held at the Ministry of Education hall and the former Aldec conference room.

It has been organised by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and is being conducted by two Cambridge representatives – Peter Saunt for Geography and Rod Journeaux for English.

Those attending the workshop are secondary level teachers specialising in the teaching of English as a first language and Geography, in addition to being responsible for programme delivery as well as curriculum planners and assessment officers.

At the end of the workshop it is expected that the teachers will have increased their confidence in delivering IGCSE first language English and Geography, thus building and enhancing local capacity.

Mr Saunt stated that such workshop will give the teachers a better understanding of IGCSE’s new concept and ideas.

“The Ministry of Education asked Cambridge to provide training for English first language and Geography at IGCSE level. The workshop is to improve the standard of teaching and learning and better understand exam results of the students. The syllabus has changed slightly, so we want to make sure that teachers understand the implication of those changes,” he said.

Elvina Hoarau, secondary S4-1 teacher from Plaisance secondary school, said such workshop will enable them to have a much better understanding of IGCSE concept.

“This workshop will increase our capacity in IGCSE programme to help my students. We are learning more about how to work with the new changes in IGCSE exam, so we will be better prepared to teach the students. After this workshop I will have more ability to better teach the students,” she said.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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