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Mrs Ban visits the Seychelles Hospital, Foyer de la Providence

mrs2The wife of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Ban Soon-Taek, visited the Seychelles Hospital children’s ward and the Foyer de la Providence during her husband’s official visit to Seychelles.

At the Seychelles Hospital which she visited on Saturday evening, Mrs Ban was accompanied by the Ambassador for Women and Children’s Affairs, Dr Erna Athanasius. She was welcomed by the Minister of Health Mitcy Larue and other high level officials in the ministry.

Priya Accouche, a patient in the children’s ward, offered Mrs Ban a basket of flowers.

mrs3“We want to welcome Mrs Ban at the Seychelles Hospital and thank her for such a wonderful visit. We hope that she will have a wonderful time in our little paradise,” she said.

Mrs Ban interacted with patients and their mothers in the ward and offered gifts to each of the children.

On Sunday morning, she visited the Foyer de la Providence, accompanied by Minister Larue and Dr Athanasius. She was welcomed by a wonderful song from the children living there and by some lovely words from Sister Aimée.

mrs1“We want to welcome Mrs Ban at the foyer. It is blissful that Foyer de la Providence was selected for such visit. We will always keep you in our prayers,” she said.

“Children are our future, and you are doing a wonderful job in ensuring the survival and development of the children in Seychelles. I encourage you to keep up the good work,” Mrs Ban told the sisters.

Mrs Ban toured the foyer, met the children and offered them gifts. She also left a hamper for each of the country’s children’s homes, such as Foyer de la Providence, Foyer de Nazareth, Foyer de la Solitude and the President’s Village.

mrs0Mrs Ban, who also visited the Botanical Gardens, has been involved in activities over the past 40 years to advance the cause of children, women and senior citizens.  Her special interest includes children’s education and welfare, autism research and issues concerning woman development and health.

Source : Seychelles NATION


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