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National Show 2016 – Showcasing forty years of progress

1nationOrganisers expect 40,000 visitors or more to converge on the NSC hall at Roche Caïman during the four days the 4th National Show, which opened yesterday, will run.

The show, which was officially opened by Vice-President Danny Faure in the presence of President James Michel and other guests, is showcasing 40 years of progress the country has made since independence 40 years ago.

Businesses large and small are out in force to catch the attention of the public, get  the publicity, be visible and make their products and services known to the public as much as they can during the four days.

2nationMost of the different businesses are offering discounts, free services, possibility to taste products before buying all aimed at ensuring visitors leave satisfied or with something to take back home.

There is a large variety of products and attraction for all ages and tastes.

Beryl Payet, co-owner with her husband of West Hill Farm at Grand Anse Mahé, tolled the bell at the entrance of the NSC hall after all the welcoming remarks have been pronounced, a sign the show is now open.

Michel Vielle, the coordinator of the show, said this fourth one is bringing together some 85 businesses and business entities.

3nation“This is some 5% more participation above the 3rd National Show last year,” Mr Vielle noted.

He pointed out though that many of the entities present have additional subsidiaries taking part as well.

Businesses taking part range from the agricultural and horticultural sector to those which are technology-based to include ICT, photovoltaic green energy generators, hybrid vehicles to a huge assortment of household appliances, fashion products and a wide spectrum of service providers.

Mr Vielle said again this year the National Show places great emphasis on the promotion of local small and medium enterprises with a view to providing Seychellois with 5nationalternative sources of income and employment as means to diversify the national economic base.

“The show covers a total surface area of 45,000 square metres and it is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors,” Mr Vielle said.

He went on to add that some R10 million will change hands during the four days.

“The show catches in clear evidences the socio-economic transformation from one based on plantation agriculture production to one based on small and light industries and services,” he noted.

Wilson Nancy, the chairperson of the Seychelles 6nationChamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), said the National Show is showcasing the fruits of our labour.

“Seychelles’ economy is one of the most successful among small island states,” he noted.

He pointed out that successful businessmen come from all economic educational and family background but the ultimate is to have a plan and to be brave enough to make alterations along the way.

“With the creation of the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation, our people need to continue to strengthen their  capacity in every way to maximise available opportunities,” Mr Nancy said.

“I urge Seychellois entrepreneurs to think outside the box, to be creative, to generate new ideas and to bring about significant changes and solution to society. Continue to innovate and rejuvenate as this is the key to success,” Mr Nancy remarked.

Beryl Payet, co-owner with her husband of the West Hill Farm at Grand Anse Mahé speaking on behalf of agricultural entrepreneurs, talked about the challenges they face which include competition from imported low quality and cheaper meat products like chicken.

“Farming is probably one of the most volatile and riskiest businesses in Seychelles. Challenges abound and have compelled many to throw in the towel. It is no longer enough to be just a farmer as one requires entrepreneurial and innovative skills to survive and to grow,” Mrs Payet said.

The accompanying photos show some of the displays in the show. More pictures can be viewed in our centre pages.

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