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NDEA communique – NDEA seizes drugs and utensils worth R100,000

NDEANDEA (National Drugs Enforcement Agency) agents have seized a consignment of drugs and utensils with a street value of almost R100,000.

The consignment consisting of heroin, cannabis resin and digital scales was seized when they stopped a 31-year-old mechanic at La Louise on the morning of January 19.

The man was taken into custody and has been remanded pending an investigation and analysis of the case by the NDEA.

The number of persons who have been arrested and against whom cases have been registered for drug related offences since the beginning of the year has now reached 72.

Of those against whom cases have been registered 63% are in respect of heroin and 26% for cannabis related products.

Almost all of those arrested are male with less than 10% female.

Those arrested come from a wide spectrum of society representing 23 different occupations. 26% of those arrested are unemployed.

Those arrested vary in age from 14 to 60 with the highest category (44%) being in the under 30 bracket.

NDEA activities have been concentrated in a number of key areas where users and dealers have been congregating.

The levels of arrests and court proceedings that will follow are expected to impact on the availability of drugs in the short term, while efforts are being concentrated on limiting the supply to the dealers.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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