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NIHSS holds annual open day

1openA large group of people including parents, secondary students and the general public turned up at the National Institute of Health Studies (NIHSS) at North East Point yesterday for the institution’s annual open day.

Apart from the open day, the NIHSS also holds an annual parents’ day where parents have the opportunity to visit their students and discuss and evaluate their performance with lecturers.

Yesterday, visitors had the possibility to discover the different courses ran by the school. They were also educated on diseases and the bacteria and viruses that cause them as well as treatments and care to be applied, plus the means of protection against them.

The eduactional exercise included presentations on personal hygiene and the form of healthy lifestyle to adopt.

NIHSS director Marylene Lucas explained that the open day is the occasion to showcase all the works and projects done by students.

2openShe added that it is also the opportunity to show the training health professionals go through before working in clinics.

“We want to assure the public that health workers are professionally trained,” she said, adding that “the open day serves also at promoting health and social workers with the aim of attracting more young people to the two professions”.

For Mrs Lucas, the open day which permits students to engage in active and practical sessions is also part of the institution’s outreach programme to the community.

“It permits community engagement to health and show people their responsibility in regards to health. It also shows students how to engage with the community,” she said.

The NIHSS has meanwhile revealed its courses for the year 2016. These include Diplomas in Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medical Technician, Environmental Health Sciences and Dental Hygiene.

3openApart from the diplomas which will last for a three-year period, the nursing school will also offer an Advanced Certificate in Dental Surgery Assistant and an Advanced Diploma in Midwifery.

The NIHSS wishes to inform that outside the open days, it keeps an open door policy whereby parents, aspiring students and the public in general are invited to visit the school and interact with its student, lecturers and managers.

The accompanying photographs show students and other guests during the open day at the NIHSS yesterday.

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