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Perseverance crèche gets new facilities

1childCrèche pupils’ learning outcomes at Perseverance are expected to improve following the opening of new learning centres.

The opening of the new centres formed part of activities to mark Children’s Day yesterday.

Learning centres are areas where pupils learn about specific subjects through play and activities as playing is an active form of learning that involves the whole self, even cognitive development.

There are four centres; reading centre, mathematics centre, home centre and the sand and water centre.

These facilities have been partly funded under the 2childnational Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) trust fund and from contributions made by parents.

The ribbon cutting to officially open the centres was done by principal secretary (PS) for early childhood, primary and secondary education Merida Delcy and chairman of ECCE Lambert Woodcock.

Mr Woodcock also handed over Cracking Maths senior infants books for early childhood pupils to PS Delcy.

During the ceremony the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander handed over to two crèche pupils, Raphael Changking and Rihannie Rath, the keys to the model house used in the carnival float earlier this year by Perseverance. This little house 3childwill be used by the children to play in.

Addressing those present, the head teacher of Perseverance North primary school, Bernadette Maria, said it is important for pupils to learn through play and they will surely find learning more enjoyable and have no fear for failure as they will be engaged in real life activities.

“We strongly believe that the creation of the centres will enable the pupils to develop positive attitude towards their learning,” she said.

She also noted that this initiative is in line with the school’s vision which emphasises on the need to create a conducive learning environment centred on the interest and needs of pupils while contributing towards the early 5childdevelopment areas as outlined by the Seychelles early learning framework.

Present during this ceremony were the PS for tertiary education, policy planning and administration Linda Barallon, various ministry officials, PTA executive members, members of school council, staff members of the school, parents and pupils.

Meanwhile other schools celebrated Children’s Day in various ways.

At Mont Fleuri primary, a class spent their day at the swimming pool at Roche Caïman, another class enjoyed their lunch at a hotel while others organised class parties.

4childAll the activities were organised by the children’s parents and class committees.

Bel Eau primary pupils also enjoyed their day at the school playing, feasting and dancing.

Nine-year-old Angela was dolling up her friends’ face with make-up to make her look beautiful for Children’s Day.

She said she was having fun with her friends.

“I’m happy to celebrate our special day and I would like to thank all the teachers and parents who helped contribute to make all of it happen,” she said.

Five-year-old Ioana from La Rosière crèche was happy to have been able to wear her Princess Elsa dress which her mom bought her for her birthday.

For her, the best part is the cake then the dancing.

Takamaka primary students spent their day at Paradis des Enfants where they took part in various games and activities. This was after they attended mass in the St Mary Magdalene Church in their district.

Source : Seychelles NATION


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