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President Michel chairs first Cabinet of Ministers meeting for 2015

‘We should never work in isolation’

“Irrespective of our specific portfolios, we should never work in isolation,” President James Michel told his ministers yesterday at State House as he chaired the first meeting of his newly restructured cabinet.

“The public expects a good and wholesome service, and this can only be achieved through proper consultation and coordination across ministries, and most importantly by remaining connected to the people whom we serve,” the President told the ministers, four of whom are new appointees, while others have either retained their portfolio or have been assigned new responsibilities.

President Michel has again urged his cabinet of ministers to remain connected to the people whom they serve.

Starting off by welcoming the four newly appointed ministers, the President informed them that they have been selected to serve in this high capacity on the basis of their record of integrity, hard work, efficiency and discipline.

“I am sure that you will bring these qualities and more to the tasks that lie ahead,” the President told them.
He wished all the ministers every success in discharging the responsibility that has been entrusted in them.

Urging the ministers not to work in isolation, he asked them to “talk to each other, consult each other on policies and projects and papers presented to the cabinet”.

He told them to also encourage their subordinates to do the same by consulting their colleagues in other ministries, partners and agencies and the MNAs and DAs in the districts especially on sensitive matters.

“This will help the cabinet to make timely and informed decisions. And let each one of us take ownership of these decisions and ensure that decisions are followed through,” President Michel said, adding that as a team all should be ready to rise to the challenges that 2015 will bring.

President Michel also highlighted the need for the cabinet to revisit the plans and targets that were set by their respective portfolios since 2012 and ensure that all priority areas are being addressed.

He pointed out the need to highlight and explain these areas where there has not been sufficient progress and to renew commitments that have been made to the people of Seychelles.

“Let us not create obstructions.  Let us not frustrate our citizens.  Let the administrations that we head be responsive – and proactive – to the needs of our people.  Let us create the right conditions and help all Seychellois realise their dreams – their great dreams for their family, for Seychelles”.

The President concluded his remarks by reiterating the importance of the cabinet ministers to remain connected to the people they serve.

“I believe in keeping my commitments to the people.  I shall expect no less from the members of my cabinet. I repeat, no less!  Let us work together as a team to ensure that we deliver on our promises to the people, and let us work together for the Seychelles that we love. Let us together make the greater dreams of our beloved country come true,” he concluded.

Three ministers were absent at yesterday’s meeting — the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, who is on an overseas mission, and the Minister for Health Mitcy Larue, and the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander, who are both on annual leave.cabinet-meeting

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