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President Michel visits businesses in the Anse Etoile and Glacis districts


Tony Maillet’s Fond des Liannes’ bottling plant factory is situated in Machabée, Glacis and it has been going strong since being set up nine years ago. Jean-Yves Laporte, who is part of the management team, says they have a workforce of 15 including directors. “We produce 100 20-litre bottles, between 200 and 300 50-litre bottles, between 400 and 600 1-litre bottles, and between 300 and 400 750ml bottles of water daily and we distribute those in shops,” said Mr Laporte. Belonging to Tony Maillet, Jean Morel and Ronny Morel, the bottling factory takes its name from the water-rich Fond des Liannes area where it is located.


A teacher by profession, Holbert Jean and wife Charline Jean set up the Count and Read day care business at Ma Constance in 2007 and they also have a pre-school at Union Vale. Mr Jean taught in state schools from 1991 to 1997 and at Independent School from 1997 to 2007 before moving fulltime into the day care business in 2008. Mrs Jean told Seychelles NATION that at present there are 94 children aged between three months and three years old at the Ma Constance Count and Read day care where they employ 16 workers. At the pre-school at Union Vale, there are 116 children who are in the good care of 22 staff members.

Business owners happy with President James Michel’s visit


With six rooms, the Calypha guesthouse at Anse Etoile has been around for almost 40 years now. Owners Florianne and Claude Brioche said they get a lot of return clients. Mrs Brioche told President Michel that the name Calypha comes from Acalypha (Lake Mimi in Creole) – a genus of flowering plants in the family Euphorbiaceae. “We wanted to call our guesthouse Cabana but the name was rejected and in our search for a new name my husband opted for Calypha as he looked at some Acalypha plants on our property,” said Mrs Brioche. A single room is 40 euros and a double 60 euros per day including breakfast. Locals pay a fixed rate of R600 for single and double rooms.

This government has really developed Seychelles,” President James Michel said at the end of his visit to several small and medium size businesses in the districts of Anse Etoile and Glacis yesterday.

The visit forms part of a series of visits to various communities and businesses this year and yesterday President Michel met Paul Richard of R & F Furniture, Holbert and Charline Jean of the Count and Read day care centre, Florianne and Claude Brioche of Calypha guest house, Francis Loizeau of Early Bloom, Collin Marguerite of Mountain Bakery, Ralph Beaudouin of Rakera Services, Tony Maillet of Fond de Liannes water bottling factory, Owen Payet of L’Ilot Beach Chalets, Angelie and Nigel Michaud-Payet of Emma’s Take-Away, and Gerard Lalande of Gerard’s Complex. He also met mechanic Kevin Marie. Following his visit, the president proudly told the local media that these community visits form an important part of his work.

“I have always done visits to the community…and I will continue to do so in the future. What struck me during these visits…. is that this government has really developed Seychelles!,” he said


A well-known mechanic, Kevin Marie’s makeshift garage is situated at La Gogue and he says he has to do most of his work from 8am to 4pm as his business is located in a residential area. He has been running his mechanic workshop for 10 years and also has a car hire business. “I want to move out and have a bigger workshop where I can employ some more young people and work on more vehicles at one time,” said Mr Marie.

“Everywhere you pass by you see the evidence of development and that people have taken opportunities given to them, to build houses, to get loans, to build businesses. Businesses are mushrooming everywhere…

“I see the success stories everywhere. Wherever I visit I am told that these business owners want to expand, they want things to continue this way, to continue to have stability and to create wealth,” said President Michel.


At Early Bloom at La Gogue, Francis Loizeau specialises in producing cacti – houseplants that come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. He also has a large collection of bonsai plants. “I get a lot of clients who come to my place to buy their plants. We also do delivery and take part in fairs where we get to sell a lot of our products,” said Mr Loizeau.

The president said the success of these businesses gave him even more reason to see how they can be developed even further.

While in the district of Anse Etoile, President Michel visited the site of a proposed micro-enterprise centre to be built at La Retraite where new facilities will enable the district’s small business entrepreneurs to develop their workshops and shops.

The president was accompanied on the visit by the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Michael Benstrong, the principal secretary for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Marise Berlouis, the member of the National Assembly for Anse Etoile Melval Dugasse, the district administrator for Anse Etoile Jenna Dubignon,  the member of the National Assembly for Glacis Dr David Payet, and the district administrator for Glacis Jim Moncherry, as well as senior officials in the Office of the President.


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