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President Michel’s visit to Anse aux Pins and Au Cap


Ms Fanchette said her day care centre gets lots of demand but she has space constraints. She is operating in her mother’s house where she has turned the living room into the day care. She takes in children from three months old just after their mother have completed maternity leave. She wishes to be assisted by the district in fencing off her premises for child safety and also to allow the children to play outside more.

What the small

businesses say:


The president, accompanied by the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Michael Benstrong; his principal secretary Marise Berlouis and MNAs and DAs of both districts, started off his tour at Anse aux Pins where he visited Melinda Fanchette’s day care centre, Darrel Mousbe’s barber shop, Jovanna Lafortune’s hair dressing salon, Brian Figaro’s steel fixing workshop and Clement Moumou’s bakery .


At Au Cap the presidential delegation visited Suzanne Edmond’s sewing workshop, Harry Zelia’s mechanical workshop, Dave Fred’s bakery,  Val de Pres craft kiosks; Simon Gamatis’ home bakery and Harry Samson’s self-catering establishment.


He specialises in ‘biskwi bourbon’ and ‘larou saret’ but had made cakes seen from long time ago to show the president. He delivers in various shops every week and sale is quite good. He works at home together with his wife.


His welding business is going well and also needs more space. He has even made the necessary formalities and applied for a piece of land but not yet successful. He said he needs about 25 square metre space.


Her business is doing quite well, she receives many clients but most of her revenue goes into business expenses. Her wish is to have a salon and spa.

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