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Presidential election 2015 – Lalyans Seselwa launches manifesto

1patLalyans Seselwa’s main objectives are to heal the ill feelings of the past, remove discrimination, bring back love within homes and families and educate all Seychellois on their fundamental rights according to our constitution.

“What we are looking for first of all, is dignity for all Seychellois, not for only supporters of Lalyans Seselwa but for all Seychellois. It is a fundamental right that we will fight and die for if we have to so that there will be change in Seychelles and each citizen will have their right to their dignity as a human being.”

These were the words of Patrick Pillay, the presidential candidate for Lalyans Seselwa in the December 3-5, 2015 election.

Mr Pillay was speaking during the launch of the party’s election manifesto yesterday afternoon at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles (ICCS) in the presence of the party’s executive committee and members.

The party believes the country has reached a moment where it needs a change in government.

Mr Pillay said his party will fight for justice, then for dignity and unity because when all three are added up we can achieve peace and stability in our country.

“There cannot be development if there is no peace; there cannot be happiness without peace,” he said.

Before his running mate Ahmed Afif presented the election manifesto, Mr Pillay noted there is a difference between his structure or party manifesto and the election manifesto.

2pat“In May when we launched the party, we launched our party manifesto which spells out what we are trying to do, our motto with our logo and so on; today we are launching our election manifesto and the difference is that now we are telling the people what Lalyans Seselwa will do in various domains in Seychelles if elected,” he said.

The following are some of the main points outlined in the party’s election manifesto:

• Economy: Earn more hard currency to make the dollar cheaper by maximising economic returns to Seychelles from fisheries sector and increase tourism by making Seychelles more attractive for visitors. To implement fiscal measures by declaring war against corruption in the public sector and to create long-term job prospects.

• Tourism: There will be a moratorium on new large hotels and review of the licensing and regulatory regime for tourism businesses which unduly hinder the growth of entrepreneurs and value adding services in Seychelles.

• Ocean and marine resources: Bring back Seychellois and other professionals to SFA and empower fishermen in Seychelles to be directly involved in the development of the fisheries sector.

• Housing: Remove political discrimination and favouritism in the housing policy, ensure effective cost control systems are in place for project management, encourage lending for housing and involving public private partnership to a greater extent.

• Trade and commerce:  Eliminate practices of discriminatory licensing and favouritism when allocating land for trade and commerce.

• Land transport: Instill good management practices by de-politicising the transport ministry and outsource technical assistance as well as develop good practices in project management.

• Health: Ensure a new and professional culture is developed by removing discrimination and implement a modern IT system that reflects and delivers the needs of the Ministry of Health and network all the clinics in Seychelles.

• Agriculture: Revive this sector by making farming attractive to businessmen, re-vamp government support to farmers, reserve land strictly for agricultural purposes and get local good to the market by improving access to farmers.

• Youth and sports: Refocus on sports needs by upgrading facilities, cut wastage and mismanagement and ensure professional attention is given to sport programmes so that optimal results are obtained for Seychelles.

Source : Seychelles NATION


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