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Promoters satisfied with progress on Ile Soleil development

1soleilA delegation comprising the managing director of 2020 Development (Seychelles) Ltd Barry Faure and other stakeholders such as UCPS and GIBB met yesterday morning to witness progress at Ile Soleil.

Spread out across 123,000 square metres of reclaimed land off Mahé’s eastern coast, Ile Soleil is a residential and commercial development for Seychellois that is meant to rekindle a sense of community and belonging for its resident and patrons.

2020 Development (Seychelles) Ltd is a government created company with the mandate to implement a range of infrastructure and property development projects, by engaging the private sector to take ownership of various national endeavours.

Ile Soleil will comprise a new hospital which will replace the existing one at Anse Aux Pins, a new secondary school, a new hotel, along with other projects being undertaken.

A cross way and two bridges are also expected to be built to access the main land. The bridges are designed to keep a good flow of water, preventing water stagnation. One bridge will be used only for emergency purposes.

Mr Faure stated that the work is going as planned.

2soleil“By the end of September we will be writing to all our clients informing them that they can come and begin their respective projects on Ile Soleil. There are only two items which are still left outstanding – the landscape master plan, which contractor UCPS has said it will be completed by the end of this month. The second item is the laying of asphalt for our entire road network by the Seychelles Land Transport Agency (SLTA). This will be completed by the end of September,” he said.

He added that other projects are still being carried out such as the sewage treatment plan and others.

“We need to also link the bridge to the main road at Anse Aux Pins, and also build a new storage facility for fishermen, toilet facilities and a new market at Anse Aux Pins,” he said.

Mr Faure has thanked the Anse Aux Pins community, the fishermen for being patient while the projects are being carried out.

The island aims to overcome the pitfalls of piecemeal development, while serving as a platform for homes, businesses and civic attractions to co-exist in harmony with nature. A village of the future that pays homage to our rich cultural past.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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