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Sacos staff carry out community work

DSC_4510Some 30 staff members of insurance firm Sacos gave their time on Sunday to paint patients’ rooms and corridors of the North East Point Home of the Elderly at North East Point.

This activity was part of Sacos’ community engagement programme in which the workers of the firm also contribute to society.

This was their second working visit at the home and all the provisions and equipment they used were contributed by Sacos.

Their first visit was in June and for their next visit they plan to do some gardening and landscaping.

General manager operations (GMO) of Sacos – Sun Investment, Jane Joubert, said: “We chose the home as it is close to our heart. We have close family members, relatives and friends who have been here at some point or are still here.”

She said they also get a chance to fraternise with the residents of the home and they even play the guitar to keep them entertained.

She is urging other organisations to give a helping hand to the homes as there is so much that needs to be done.

Regional nurse manager, Annie Desir, thanked Sacos for this wonderful gesture.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Health, the Health Care Agency and the management team of the regional Home of the Elderly I would like to thank the Sacos social team for realising this project to assist the ministry by discharging their plan to keep the residents in a conducive holy environment.”

She said the ministry is already doing this job but a helping hand is always better such as the one the Sacos team has given.

The accompanying photos show the Sacos team in action at the North East Point Home for the Elderly.0000 DSC_4495








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