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Sadcopac members get chance to visit the island

1sadcoThe parliamentarians and members of public accounts committees (PACs) from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries who are in Seychelles for their 12th annual Sadcopac conference, had a sightseeing expedition yesterday.

The 150 delegates took part in guided tours of the Botanical Gardens at Mont Fleuri and the Ile Perseverance housing project in two different groups.

Seychelles Nation caught up with one of the groups at Ile Perseverance before their departure to the Botanical Gardens.

The group visited the school before exploring the housing areas.

PAC chairman of the Namibian parliament, Mike Kavekotora, said that the visit helped him to have a better understanding of the island and also to look at the developments compared to what is happening in their respective countries.

2sadco“The visit is also a fact-finding mission to see what the Seychellois people are doing so that African countries can learn from one another. There is no need to reinvent the wheel but basically you get the best practices in various countries,” he said.

While visiting the reclaimed land, Mr Kavekotora pointed out that it is a very impressive development especially in view of the fact that we have very small islands.

“The housing project that we just saw is very impressive because the government is providing good housing for people. The location is also very good especially being next to the sea because in our country this type of location is more reserved for millionaires but in Seychelles you find that ordinary people have access to the beach which is really difficult and unheard of in our country,” he added.

3sadcoThe group was accompanied by the principal secretary for project planning and implementation in the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH) Yves Choppy, members of the National Assembly along with some staff of the MLUH.

After the visits the two groups met for lunch at the Ile Perseverance dining hall.

Today is the 7th and final thematic session of the annual general meeting (AGM) before the delegates start leaving the country tomorrow.

The accompanying photos show the group during their visit at Ile Perseverance.

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